Could you be a Young leader?

Invitation to Young Leaders (age 16-25) to be involved in the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP), June 2018 – March 2020

Background to the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP)

The Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership was established in March 2016 to shape and drive forward Liverpool’s response to the national Cultural Education Challenge. This was launched by Arts Council England in October 2014, asking art and cultural organisations, educational institutions and local authorities to come together to: drive a joined-up art and cultural offer locally; share resources; achieve a more coherent and visible delivery of cultural education through Cultural Education Partnerships.
The LCEP is coordinated by a cultural education coordinator (Alice Demba) who is based with the Liverpool Learning Partnership (LLP):

The Liverpool CEP’s vision is that:

Every child in Liverpool has the opportunity to participate in great art and culture (to create, make and compose; visit, experience and critically review; participate, contribute and take part) improving their quality of life and their educational and employment outcomes.

This is underpinned by the following principles:
 access, reach and diversity;
 quality, impact and accountability;
 voice and influence of young people.

Task Teams
Over the last two years, programme activity has been developed by three ‘task teams’ focusing on:
1) Schools and cultural education - supporting creative projects link to school improvement (e.g. literacy, attendance, confidence and aspirations);
2) Inclusion - improving safeguarding and access to art and culture (e.g. cost of transport);
3) Employment and skills - preparing young people for future jobs, particularly the creative industries.

The role of Young Leaders

LCEP has just published an evaluation of its activity between March 2016 and March 2018, and is now developing a new strategy for the next two years. We’d like to involve young people in developing this strategy, and leading the partnership, from now until March 2020.
To do this, we are recruiting ambassadors or ‘Young Leaders’ with different backgrounds/experiences to represent young people across Liverpool. The Young Leaders will be the conduit to feed in thoughts and ideas directly to LCEP via a Task Team, similar to the 20 Stories High ‘Future Collective’ model.
The LCEP steering group therefore wishes to recruit six ‘young leaders’ from Liverpool in total. Two young people would join each of the Task Teams named above, according to relevant interests and experience.

The person – you will be:

 Aged 16 to 25, passionate about art, culture and social change, particularly in relation to the Task Team we appoint you to (we welcome people with disabilities, and experience of being in care).
 A change maker who is keen to open doors to new audiences, available until March 2020.
 Available for a recruitment workshop on Monday 2 July, 16.00-18.00, at the Bluecoat, Liverpool L1 3BX.

The role

1. Attend the Task Team meetings you are appointed to (a maximum of two per term), in pairs. Ideally you’ll be able to attend the next meeting, on the following dates:
 Schools and cultural education – Wednesday 11 July, 15.15-17.15, St Hugh’s Primary School
 Inclusion – Wednesday 18 July, 15.15-17.15, Everyman Theatre (venue to be confirmed)
 Employment and skills – Wednesday 11 July, 10.00-12.00, West Derby School

2. Attend a minimum of one adult-led LCEP steering group meeting per year, to communicate young people’s needs and priorities. We anticipate that you might attend these in pairs according to the Task Team you work with. We would like you to advise schools and the cultural and education sector on how to create art that is genuinely engaging.

3. Advocate art and culture to other young people via live events and social media campaigns - sharing experiences such as how important drama and arts activity is as a learning and development opportunity, and how it can be personally life changing; giving cultural organisations and arts venues feedback on their performances and activities; signposting young people to opportunities.

Other tasks you might take on, according to your skills, abilities and opportunities and support available:

 Set up and lead Young People’s Task Teams to mirror the existing LCEP Task Teams, inviting other young people to take part in these Task Teams, connecting to a diverse range of agencies/sectors (youth, arts, charities, community and voluntary, sports, business, politics, alternative education etc.). You would plan and deliver workshops to engage and consult these young people and identify their needs and priorities in relation to art and culture. We would provide training for this via the 20 Stories High Future Collective group, led by young people. They have worked with the 20 Stories High team to organise and run community events for young people, like the 2017 Platform Event, as a conduit for ensuring that young people’s ideas and aspirations for positive change are realised.

 Lead post-show discussions/commentary/discussion – live and on social media.

 Promote opportunities for young people to get involved in arts activities that support real life issues e.g. youth housing poverty/homelessness, education and employment, especially apprenticeships and young peoples’ mental health.

 Link to other youth agencies/organisations with an interest in art and culture e.g., Merseyside Youth Association, Youth Focus and Young Advisors - perhaps forming a larger, regional consortium.

Via the Cultural Education Partnership you will receive:

Free training on mentorship, facilitating workshops and organising events.

A set fee of £7.50 per hour. This will need to cover your travel/food expenses.

To apply for this role, please send your CV and a covering letter explaining why you’d like to become a Young Leader for the LCEP, which Task Team you’d like to be part of, how you fit the person and role description outlined above, and details of any access requirements you may have. Please send this to: by Friday 29 June 2018 (10.00).