Cracking the Code

During February, Gateacre School were very fortunate to receive an outreach visit from Bletchley Park.

This included 5 hours of practical codebreaking workshops led by Natasha, with a range of classes throughout the school day in our mathematics departments.  

Our students and staff had the opportunity to use a genuine ww2 Enigma machine.

The Enigma machine is a piece of spook hardware invented by a German and used by Britain's codebreakers as a way of deciphering German signals traffic during World War Two. It has been claimed that as a result of the information gained through this device, hostilities between Germany and the Allied forces were curtailed by two years. Alan Turing, a mathematician, cracked enigma codes using this device. Students and staff were fascinated by this event and very excited to engage with this amazing piece of history. This was the actual machine that was used by Benedict Cumberbatch in the film The Imitation Game!

IMG 2352

IMG 0271