Gateacre Heroes on film

We are luckily have a team of year 11 heroes embedded into Gateacre School. With training and support from Humanutopia alongside Gateacre staff, they have been fully trained & inspired to help support their peers at Gateacre School, mainly with breaking down any barriers that may prevent students involved from having a successful future and happy life.

We have a team of 20 heroes. They are great ambassadors for our school and have been working with Mrs Delaney and her year 7 team in order to support any year 7 students needing support, advice and or encouragement. All heroes meet with selected year 7 students. Their work involves a wide range of activities and support including: overcoming barriers to learning and success;  homework, social & emotional barriers; numeracy, literacy, drama club & learning to make friends. Heroes hope to offer sports clubs soon too.

Here is a snapshot of our Heroes!