Halloween Lantern Parade

Gateacre School Drama Department were thrilled to take part in the Bare Bones Tour of Liverpool, as some of the “out of this world” visitors as part of this year’s Halloween Lantern Parade from the Lantern Company.

This is just one of a number of events Gateacre School and the Lantern Company have worked together on, the last being performers within the Luminous Landscapes event at the Festival Gardens, as well as hosts to numerous community lantern workshops.

The highly secretive Bare Bones Tours plc organised an ‘afterlife tourist trip’ to Liverpool for shadowy inhabitants.

Secret sources revealed that hundreds of underworld inhabitants, dressed in the finest Halloween disguise, including illuminated giant beasts, skeletons and ghostly dancing apparitions, deathly street bands and other monstrosities will be crawling up through the cracks and partying through Liverpool’s streets like there’s no tomorrow. Lady Laudanum, Grande Dame of the Underworld and CEO of Bare Bones Tours plc headed up the carnival parade herself, in an unprecedented appearance this side of the River Styx. The Gateacre Students were disguised as Hell’s Saloon and the Fiery Flames.

The parade emerged at the top of the city and made its way, flapping, hopping and rattling through the city streets down towards the river, where it disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

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