Headteacher's Newsflash 04/05/2018

Exam Countdown - 10 Days

The summer exam season is almost upon us. GCSE exams are due to start on the 14th May, only 10 days away!

Parents, please continue to ask your child these questions: 

  • Have you got your GCSE Pod login? 
  • Which after school revision sessions are you doing this week (you’ve got to go to maths!)? 
  • Is there anything I can help you with? 
  • Are you ok?

The run up to GCSE exams is a stressful time and, as adults, sometimes we forget what it was like for us because it was such a long, long time ago.  Please do remember that we are here to help your child and if you need some advice we are here to help you too.

Practical exam tips:10 Best GCSE Revision Tips from Past Students | GoConqr

Year 11 Exam Timetable 2018

Please click here to view the Y11 Exam timetable for Summer 2018


Attendance Matters

Whole School Attendance this week is a disappointing 90% 

Targets set by government is 95%. Each and every pupil must aim for an attendance of 95% or better.

Year group attendance this week:  Y7 = 91%, Y8 = 90.95%, Y9 = 91.7%, Y10 = 88% and Y11 = 88.5%.

Yrs 7, 8 and 9 fluctuate and Year 10 currently are struggling to achieve over 91% for most days.  If you are a parent of a Year 10 child it is crucial that you send your son or daughter into school each and every day.  They are just 12 months away from sitting their GCSE exams and at this half way point during their GCSE courses we need them in every day in order to help them achieve the very best grades possible next year.

As you know, school attendance is vitally important for pupils to be successful. Every absence from school makes it harder for your child to keep up with the new demands expected of all pupils across the country when they come to sit their examinations.

If you are a Year 11 parent it goes without saying that these final few days are still massively important as are the extra support sessions and revision that we are providing before and after school.

We continue to look at ways to improve our whole school attendance figures with incentives and rewards for individuals.


Win A Waffle Attendance Incentive

Win A Waffle Fridays

Every Friday, the form with the best attendance that week will win a delicious Belgian dessert waffle each.  This weeks waffle winning forms were:

Form 701 (96%), Form 801 (94%), Form 903 (98%), Form 1002 (95%), Form 1104 (100%) & 1105 (95%), Sixth Form 604 (93%)


Blackpool Reward Trip for Yr7 - Yr9

To qualify for the reward trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach pupils must achieve 95% attendance or better between Monday 30 April and Friday 13 July.

Week beginning 16th July we will take one year group per day, starting with Year 7 on the Monday.  The cost will be a nominal amount of £10 which will cover coach transport to Blackpool from School. More details will be communicated closer to the time.

Blackpool Reward Trip for Y 10

To qualify for the REWARD TRIP TO BLACKPOOL Y10 pupils must get an average A2L score of 1 – 2.4 across all of their subjects.

Before Easter, I discussed with Yr 10 pupils the importance of our attitude when we are in school learning.  So in light of this, all pupils who average an Attitude to Learning score of 2.4 or higher (1 being the highest) will be invited to attend their end of year REWARD TRIP which is due to take place on Thursday 19th July.

Attitude to Learning (A2L)

Attitude to Learning (A2L) scores have been introduced for Y10 in preparation for the lead into Year 11 to help your child get better outcomes.  Essentially we do not want them to lose any time between now and July, and get them to consider how well they approach their learning.

A2L will be measured with a 1-4 scale (for further details please click here) • 1 = outstanding • 2 = good • 3 = need for improvement • 4 = serious concerns

Before this May half term, we will communicate to your son/daughter their current Attitude to Learning score. After the May half term this will then be reset in order to allow as many pupils as possible to qualify for the reward trip to celebrate together and be rewarded for having a mature approach to their studies.


Passport to Blackpool Reward Trip for Y11

passport to Blackpool Y11

To qualify for the Passport To Blackpool free reward trip, Y11 pupils must attend 20 after-school revision sessions - including compulsory Maths on Wednesdays with free pizza supplied to keep them going.  This after school revision incentive and Pizza Wednesdays has proved popular and is being extended by more subjects, with more pizza and more chance to qualify for the trip.





Procedure For Appointments With Staff

Parents sometimes come to school with the expectation that they will see or speak to a teacher, Head Of Year/Assistant HOY without an appointment. It would be helpful if parents understood that it is not always possible due to teaching and other meetings commitments of staff including the Headteacher. We would like to remind parents of our procedures for appointments:


  • Parents must book an appointment in advance if they wish to see someone. We ask that parents email or ring in advance to book an appointment and allow a reasonable period of some days’ notice at least in order for us to do so. 
  • Parents will not be seen unless by prior agreed arrangement and are discouraged from dropping into school without having first made an appointment.  


The preferred and often best method of contact is by email. Please refer to the Who to Contact form for details of how to email relevant staff accordingly.  Please be aware teaching staff are usually not available to return emails or phone calls until after lessons finish at 3.15pm. Under customer care guidelines the school aims to acknowledge or respond to emails and letters within 5 working days.


National Youth Theatre


Well done to one of our Year 11 drama students Zach who has been accepted into National Youth Theatre, which is very prestigious. It's also unusual to be accepted after your first audition. 6000 young people auditioned this year and he has been offered a place. Exciting times!









Online Safety Advice - Snapchat

We would like to share some advice with parents regards snapchat



Potentially Dangerous App - Fortnite Battle Royale


Parents should also be aware of the potential risks of a game app called Fortnite Battle Royale. What you need to know about Fortnite:Battle Royale poster

Links to further advice and guidance for parents regards online safety and information about potentially harmful apps can be found on our E-Safety page of the website:http://gateacre.org/school-life/esafety-advice-for-parents/



Dates for Your Diary:


14th May  Exams Commence

16th May  World Challenge Parents Talk 5pm

28th May  Half Term

6th June   Y9 Vaccinations

25th June Y11 Prom

3rd July    Y6 Primary School Parents Information Evening 5pm

13th July  Y10 & Y12 Mock Exam Results

13th July   Y13 Prom

20th July   End of Term

(23rd & 24th July INSET Days)


Term Dates and Key Dates can be found on your MyEd parent app or on the school website here: https://www.gateacre.org/about-us/term-dates/

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