Headteacher's Newsflash 08/06/2018


Gateacre School In The News


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If you have not seen the announcement on our Facebook page or Twitter feed we are very proud to have been shortlisted for the Echo Education Awards 2018 which take place on Tuesday 26th June.

We have secured 4 finalist places in the following categories; Health Living Award; School in the Community, Secondary School of the Year and Headteacher of the Year.

Behind each of these nominations sits months of hard work by our staff and pupils who have sought to improve every aspect of school life here at Gateacre.

It has been, and continues to be, a privilege and an honour to lead your child’s school and the recognition through such awards is very welcome and something we are very thankful for.



National Award Winners

Earlier on this year we received notification that our Post-16 results were exceptionally high when compared to other schools and colleges nationally.

We are delighted to have received an award recognising Gateacre 6th Form as one of the top performing schools/colleges in the country for Level 3 Applied qualifications by Learning Plus UK, a not for profit organisation that analyses educational data, who provided us with a certificate in recognition of our remarkable results and progress. 

This is great news, in addition to the fact that Gateacre is in the top 10% of schools in the country for A Level progress.

We are very proud of our students and staff. It is wonderful to see all of your hard work being recognised.

To find out more about Learning Plus UK click here


Post 16 Learning Plus certificate 


Year 11 and 13 – The Final Countdown

We are fast approaching the end of the summer examination season, pupils and students from Yr 11 and 13 have been working exceptionally hard.

The early morning opening will be on offer right up to Friday 15th June which will cover the final three science papers, paper 3 for history, geography and maths and a final written paper for Spanish.

The very final GCSE exam is Product Design which takes place on Friday 22nd June, we will have additional revision sessions for Product Design pupils over the course of the week beginning 18th June in order to help prepare them for this exam.

In next week’s Newsflash I will do a brief reminder of what is available as by then the only GCSE exam left will be Product Design.

Yr 13 students sitting their final A Level and Vocational exams should continue to speak to their teachers should they have any questions between now and when they sit their final exams.

As ever we are here to help and support however we can.


Uniform Standards And Expectations

Back in September 2016 during my first week as your child’s Headteacher, I wrote to you all about how important I believe school and having access to a good education is.  Part of my communication included the expectations I have on uniform, behaviour and attitude to learning.  We began the ‘new regime’ as one parent called it on the 12th September.

I’m sure you will remember a bit of a furore over the changes I implemented at the time; wearing the complete uniform, having equipment, mobile phones being off, headphones out of sight.  Whilst that seems such a long time ago, I still want to remind us all that those expectations have not diminished in anyway.

I fully expect all the children at this school to adhere to the uniform from September through to July, they should be equipped for the day and be ready to learn.

Over the next few weeks, like last year, I will remind all year groups of the expectations ready for when we return again in September. 

I would very much like to thank all the parents who continue to write in thanking the school for the improvements you are seeing. It is also nice for us to see the number of positive comments via our social media platforms as well as Ofsted Parent view, that continues to capture the positivity you have.

This is very much a partnership; we are working together to give your son or daughter the very best education possible.  Your child’s education is too important not to get right.


Attendance matters

We have seen Years 7, 8 and 9 regularly achieve mid 90’s in terms of their whole year % over the past couple of months which is a positive sign that the school is continuing to improve on this front.

Year 10, you are not Year 10 anymore.  In less than 12 months you will be sitting some of the hardest exams you will take.  You are ‘the new Year 11’.

If you are a parent of a ‘new year 11’ child you have to send your son or daughter in every single day.  The amount of knowledge and information that is required to do well in the new style GCSE exams is considerable and this can only be done properly by attending school every single day.  I am very sorry but there can be no excuses; sore throat, headache, feeling a bit ill, the weather is a bit rubbish.  I bet as adults we have these days, I know I do but each day I get up and get to work because I want your child to have a great experience at our school.

Please do not be annoyed with me or my staff when we call or visit if your child is not in school.  This level of care and commitment is only what good and outstanding schools do.  Your child and their education is just as important as any other child who might go to another school.  So why shouldn’t we be challenging poor attendance and why wouldn’t we want our children to achieve excellent outcomes?


Dates for Your Diary:

25th June Y11 Prom

3rd July    Y6 Primary School Parents Information Evening - doors open 5pm (Headteacher welcome at 6pm)

13th July  Y10 & Y12 Mock Exam Results

13th July   Y13 Prom

20th July   End of Term

(23rd & 24th July INSET Days)

 4th September Start Of Term - Back To School staggered start times for year groups


Term Dates and Key Dates can be found on your MyEd parent app or on the school website here: https://www.gateacre.org/about-us/term-dates/


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