Headteacher's Newsflash 09/03/2018


As you will be aware, Thursday saw lots of schools shut due to the inclement weather.  A decision to close a school is never an easy one and is never taken lightly - I decided that we were going to remain open.  The weather reports from a number of sources all stated that the snow would stop, the temperature would rise and that we would get back to more Spring-like weather.

What I was pleased about was the reaction from pupils. Last year I shared with you a series of photos of the snow where I live near Yorkshire.  Most winters the roads are blocked with drifts between 7 and 8 foot high, I have to plan my journey and make sure I’m prepared in case I get stuck, but I always try and turn up for work and that was the case before I became a teacher.  This year it was great to see so many pupils just getting on with it, turning up for school ready to learn, this is a marked difference to last year when there was much less snow but far more pupils absent from school.

So I would like to say a personal thank you because it does make a big difference just getting on with life.

Gateacre Snow snow shovelling


We monitor our attendance throughout the day and often you might receive a text from us asking if your child will be in tomorrow for example, or you might get a knock on the door from your child’s pastoral leader checking to see if they are ok and if they are able to come to school.

Please do not be offended by this.  This level of checking, re-checking, asking, monitoring and caring is what good schools do to constantly place good attendance at the top of the agenda.

If your child is not in school, they are not learning.  Sometimes we get parents saying ‘do you not understand, my child is ill’.  Of course we do, we are parents to, we also face those same dilemmas when our little ones are coughing in their bedroom and we know it is going to be a sleepless night.  But, wherever possible, myself and my wife always try to ensure that our little boy gets to school.

This is how attendance looked across Years 7 to 11 last week

Year group / Day




































Anything in green is above national average, but as you can see, we struggle to achieve national average on most days across most year groups.  That is not good.

This is why we are trying so hard in so many different ways right across the school and with Primary partner schools, with the local community to try and get across how important it is that we tackle this issue.


Uniform And Standards

Please do not purchase any item that is not in line with Uniform Expectations

John Lewis is having a clearance sale and selling items of Gateacre School Uniform reduced. Click clearance sale


Sports News – Cricket Success

Our Year 7 and Year 8 girls competed in a Cricket Development Day on Tuesday involving development of skills and a competition.  We won both matches against King's Leadership Academy and St John Bosco, with some excellent batting and bowling to secure some vital runs and came out winners!

girls cricket


Exam Countdown

We are almost down to single digits now in the countdown to the number of weeks left until the exam season kicks off.  During Easter we are providing an Easter Revision School and we would very much like to welcome as many pupils as possible to those sessions being run by staff.  More details will follow in the coming weeks.

Passport to Blackpool continues to be popular, more pupils are taking advantage of the support being offered across the school.

Remember to go to Blackpool for FREE, a minimum of two additional revision sessions are required, more is better for learning.  One of these sessions must be the additional maths revision.

Every Wednesday is Maths Wednesday aka ‘Pizza Wednesday’ and we have 7 more weeks to go.


Are You Learning At Home?

Parents and carers ask your Y11 and Y13 child this question: – Are you learning at home?  They absolutely should be doing work away from school to help them get the very best grades they can achieve.

We are providing them with homework, past paper exams, additional work to achieve the very top grades, but if it is not done then it is pretty worthless.  This is where you come in and helping us to support your child’s learning will only benefit them in the long term.


Dates for Your Diary:

22nd March 2018 - Y7 Parents Evening 3:45 - 6pm

23rd March 2018 - Y9 Amsterdam Trip

23rd March 2018- PTFA Race Night 7pm-11pm (Tickets £4 available from reception)

26th March - 8th April 2018 - EASTER/SPRING BREAK

9th April 2018 - Summer Term begins

14th May - Exams Commence

Term Dates and Key Dates can be found on your MyEd parent app or on the school website here: https://www.gateacre.org/about-us/term-dates/

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