A Titanic trip

Last week the Drama Department announced a trip to The Liverpool Maritime Museum to see the Titanic Exhibition. This was a very popular trip and we had the whole of year 8 rushing to get their permission slips in - due to the demand we were able to run a second trip, as we didn't want to disappoint the many students who wanted to attend.

Year 8 have been exploring The Titanic, the events surrounding its demise, the passengers aboard and the difference in treatment in classes aboard the ship. Liverpool Maritime Museum on The Royal Albert Dock have an immersive free exhibition all about the Titanic, passengers aboard and real testimonies about the sinking. Its an interactive exhibition which was a brilliant end to the Scheme.

The students behaviour was (quoting from a member of the public) 'impeccable' and the events where really brought to life by the artefacts rescued from the Atlantic Ocean and clothing worn by survivors with stories to read.

This is a free exhibition and is available every day and we would highly recommend it, perfect for the Easter holiday!

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