Drama at The Basement

Year 8 have been exploring the topic of Homelessness and as part of the course they have been asked to donate one item for the homeless charity ‘The Basement.’

Their mission is to challenge homelessness and addiction by promoting recovery and empowering people to transform their own lives. The Basement came into school and held an assembly to speak to students about the topic of Homelessness and to dispel any misunderstandings students may have regarding the subject.

The students and guardians have been incredibly generous donating to the charity just in time for Christmas and on behalf of the Drama Department we want to thank all of the students and guardians for their donations and for engaging with the curriculum in such a fantastic way.

A number of students were lucky enough to visit The Basement to see the work they do first hand, as well as drop off the 100's of donations received. It was a very powerful experience which won't be forgotten.

IMG 57751

IMG 57732