Making Music with Middlefield

Back in October the thought occurred to us that our music technology students would benefit greatly from working in a fully professional context, planning, recording and producing a CD for sale in the community. 

So, with this in mind we contacted Middlefield Primary School and arranged for students from Gateacre to record their Middlefield counterparts. 

Middlefield’s staff and students really went for the idea with all year groups from nursery to year 6 taking part, each selecting and rehearsing a track of their choosing; the staff formed a choir for the occasion (singing Deck the Halls).  After recording, the final product was mastered in Gateacre’s recording studio by the BTEC music team. 

The successful album launch happened during Middlefield’s annual Christmas Fair, with the CD selling just under 100 copies!

Whilst realising such a project supported excellent opportunities to learn it also served to encourage music making in the community, something we are always passionate about!

IMG 5583