There's always Drama!

The Drama Department have had a very busy start to the new school year with 6 theatre trips and a visiting performance within 7 weeks of school!  

Over 100 students from all year groups have attended performances, ranging from the classic 'Blood Brothers', set in Liverpool, telling the story of twin brothers, separated at birth, who go on to lead very different lives before their paths cross once more, to lesser known productions such as 'Beyond Belief' by local physical theatre company Timesis, a story which was a powerful and moving journey into the unnerving future of life and death in our social media obsessed, technology blinkered society.  

We have also been fortunate enough to host a visiting performance of 'Terriers' to the entire Y8 cohort, which tackled hard hitting themes such as gun crime and gang culture, as well as a visiting workshop from Stage Ed which saw all GCSE Drama students receiving training and tips from an ex cast member of 'Blood Brothers'.

A Level Drama students have enjoyed performances of 'Meek' at Liverpool’s Unity theatre, 'Bouncers' at the Royal Court theatre and 'FUP' by the brilliant Kneehigh Theatre Company at the Everyman theatre as part of their course.   A particular highlight of the term was when our Y7-9 students had a great night at 'Nativity, the Musical', even donning Christmas jumpers to truly get into the spirit. The show featured all of the favourite sing-a-long hits from the movies including Sparkle and Shine, Nazareth, One Night One Moment, She’s the Brightest Star and a whole host of new songs filled with the spirit of Christmas, Nativity!

Watching and responding to live theatre is a huge component of both GCSE and A Level Drama and we are so grateful to live in a city that is thriving with live performance.

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