Wonderful Work Experience

Work experience is essential for getting a future career. Whether it's a short work placement or a longer internship, work experience is always viewed favourably by employers and can help you decide your future career.

During January our year 12’s have spent a week on a work placement. They were placed at many different types of businesses, depending on their interests and long term goals.
Work experience helps to-

• Clarify career goals
• Gives insight into the way organisations operate and the challenges they face
• increases skills and knowledge
• provides students with networking opportunities
• Helps students to understand a particular job or industry.

Work experience helps to increase the knowledge of an area of work or role that our students maybe considering in the future. It helps students to gain an understanding of the workplace and build a network of contacts, which can be invaluable when applying for roles. Most of all, work shadowing brings a job to life and can help students decide whether it is really for them.
It was lovely to see such a wide range pf placements, including airlines, military, primary schools, theatrical lighting and sound, marketing, architects, social work, graphic design and police, just to name a few.

Thanks to all the companies, schools and departments who gave up their valuable time to help our students find a career path.


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