2019/20 News

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Free School Meals - posted 10th Jul

Given the current economic position and number of increased redundancies, some children may become eligible for FSM after schools have closed for the summer.  

If your circumstances change and you think your child is eligible for free school meals after the schools close for the summer break you need to apply for FSMs using the link below

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GCSE Pod - posted 18th Mar

As extra support for our Year 10 and 11 pupils we have bought into GCSE Pod, all Yr 11 pupils have been given information about it, how it works and how to log on.

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Ich bin ein Berliner - posted 11th Mar

Our 6th Form Historians had a fantastic time in Berlin. 

On the Friday evening we had a really interesting tour of the Reichstag - our favourite part was seeing the graffiti written by the Russian soldiers after they had captured the building in 1945.  The view from the top of the dome was amazing!

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How to Wash Your Hands - posted 11th Mar

As a school we are educating our students on the importance of washing hands correctly.

Students have access to hand sanitizer at our food counters each break and lunchtime, as well as sinks within specific subject areas and the toilets.

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Medicine in Space - posted 27th Feb

7p1 were visited by the Liverpool Guild of Students Aviation Society to do a Medicine in Space session.

They explored how space can affect the body and had a fantastic time creating models, talking about g-force and learning something new!

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British Sign Language lessons - posted 27th Feb

A group of Y10 students began their journey into learning British Sign Language.

Along with learning the alphabet, colours and numbers, we also found out the sign for Liverpool! Students played a 'beat the buzzer' style game to sign specific words and found out about the different careers available to people who speak BSL can do. We hope to have some more sessions in the future!

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