Ich bin ein Berliner

Our 6th Form Historians had a fantastic time in Berlin. 

On the Friday evening we had a really interesting tour of the Reichstag - our favourite part was seeing the graffiti written by the Russian soldiers after they had captured the building in 1945.  The view from the top of the dome was amazing!

We spent Saturday discovering the horrors of Sachenhausen concentration camp which saw various groups imprisoned there including communists, Jews, homosexuals, prisoners of war and others.  We learnt the history of the camp and the daily life for it's prisoners.  Sachenhausen did have a gas chamber and there are several mass graves.  This was a harrowing place to visit that we will never forget.

In the evening we went to the East Side Gallery to see the largest remaining part of the Berlin wall with some famous art work. Followed by some delicious street food.

We were out and about again early on Sunday morning to meet our guide for the Third Reich walking tour.  We visited the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, stood above Hitler's bunker (now a car park) saw the imposing Soviet war memorial and much more.  We loved every minute, Berlin is a living museum!