Cracking the code with Bletchley Park

At the end of the summer term pupils took part in a Maths enrichment project.  In Year 8 this project is centred around the topic of code breaking, linking in to both History and ICT. We were extremely lucky this year to be able to arrange a virtual outreach visit with Bletchley Park, famous for its use as a code breaking centre during WW2 and the use of Alan Turing’s enigma machine. 

We were able to have a virtual tour around the Bletchley Park site, learning about its history during the war and the important work done there.  Then pupils took part in a code breaking workshop, having to decipher a variety of codes to discover the name of a spy who worked in Bletchley Park.  Finally we got to see a working Enigma machine.  The machine we were shown was actually used in the filming of The Imitation Game, a film about the life of Alan Turing.



IMG 8210