Frantic Assembly

1 Artistic director, 1 Associate director, 12 practitioners, 6 project managers, 12 peer mentors, 11 partner organisations, 4 countries, 10 days. This was Frantic Assembly's Ignition project 2021. Only one of the 11 partner organisations was a school and that was Gateacre.

Gateacre's Drama department have always been huge fans of the highly energetic and vibrant theatre company Frantic Assembly, known for their physical and collaborative approach. We were delighted to house their 2 day residency in October which brought together a group of 13 students age 16+ who were stretched and challenged in every way possible.

They worked to create a performance which will be digitally edited together with the work created by the 10 other partner organisations. Due to the pandemic, this was an adaptation of previous Ignition projects which would normally see participants meeting up and culminating their work on a London stage. Despite restrictions, the impact of their work and approach did not deteriorate.

Ignition's aim is to develop talent, dismantle barriers and open doors for young people. It is hard to put into words what a rare opportunity this was for our students. It is doubtful that any of the students have been taught how to walk on walls before or be lifted into the air by 12 people, let alone be allowed to perform physically on top of the cafeteria tables. Frantic Assembly, however, seem to have the magical ability to make anything possible.

A huge thank you to the Liverpool Everyman Playhouse for this opportunity.

For more information, visit Instagram/twitter/facebook @frantic_assembly or

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