Global Learning Programme

The Geography Department takes the lead at Gateacre School with the Global Learning Programme.

Gateacre School has recently joined the Global Learning Programme, with the Geography Department being the lead subject in the programme.

The GLP is a national network of like-minded schools committed to equipping their students to make a positive contribution to a globalised world.

Why is global learning important for pupils?

The GLP puts a primary focus on developing pupils' knowledge and understanding of development and global issues through subject-based learning in key curriculum areas.

It also recognises the important role global learning initiatives can have in encouraging pupils' values and skills development, and creating opportunities for active engagement.

A focus on knowledge, skills and values might include helping pupils to:

  • learn about why and how there are inequalities in the world
  • take part in discussions on development themes and topics
  • question viewpoints and perspectives and challenge stereotypes
  • learn about the social, economic, environmental, cultural and political impacts of globalisation
  • explore their own values and how they impact on others
  • listen to, understand and respect different voices and perspectives
  • be self-reflective and develop critical thinking and analytical skills
  • understand different ways of achieving global poverty reduction
  • respect and value diversity.

Over the coming months the Geography Department will be developing global learning further, working with other subjects across the school, offering students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of development and global issues.