The BIG Little Library - CSI Alice Primary

During the 3 months of our Big Little Library in Belle Vale shopping centre Year 1 - Year 6 students from Woolton Primary, Norman Pannell Primary and Belle Vale Primary School helped to solve the crime of the missing Mad Hatter’s hat.

The hat had been on display in the BIG Little Library as part of the 150 years celebration of Alice in Wonderland and was stolen overnight. All that was left at the scene was a footprint, fingerprints on the teapot a half-eaten bar of chocolate and a ransom note. Students became CSI’s for the day and were assisted by Gateacre students and staff.

Students identified 4 suspects within the shopping centre and began their questioning as well as taking shoe prints, bite marks, handwriting samples and finger prints.

Upon returning to the BIG Little Library the analysis began using the techniques that they had learnt from their Science lessons.

After the reports had been submitted, presentations were given to the class as to why each group believed it was a particular suspect. The arrest was then made (after a small chase through the shopping centre!).

A huge thank you must be given to the staff of Belle Vale shopping centre, without their involvement and enthusiasm the events would not have taken place. We think they had more fun than the students!

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