The Duke of Edinburg Award - posted 9th May

As part of our approach to tackling disadvantage at Gateacre we follow a tiered approach.

The 3rd strand encompasses providing extracurricular and enrichment activities. Mr McCallan from the Mathematics Department has recently re-launched The Duke of Edinburgh Award, with expeditions taking place through May-July. The DofE is brilliant way to help our disadvantaged students develop self-esteem and build confidence and we can develop these students even further by allocating key roles in group activities and expeditions.

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British Red Cross First Coping with challenges workshops - posted 26th Apr

Year 7 have recently taken part in a series of workshops with the British Red Cross.

Young people face a variety of complex challenges in their lives. The workshop aimed to provide them with a resilience- building framework, using the 4 pillars of resilience to help them cope better with the challenges they face. The workshop used experiential learning to encourage learners to take part in group tasks and activities. This was followed by guided periods of discussion and reflection to help consolidate learning.

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British Red Cross First Aid workshops - posted 21st Apr

Year 8 students have recently taken part in a series of workshops with the British Red Cross, with the aim of ensuring that all our students have the skills to save a life.

The workshops have helped Increase the number of our students who might be willing to help in an emergency. It has also improved their understanding of health issues and how to care for themselves. First aid education also develops a young person’s self-confidence, self-esteem and ability to cope with emergencies, as well as an understanding of risks with evidence showing that disadvantaged students are less likely to have the opportunity to engage in enrichment experiences.

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Students 'pasta' time with new items! - posted 17th Mar

Our Food Technology recently received funding for some fresh pasta making equipment with the aim of exposing Year 11 pp students to wider culinary techniques and to secure improved outcomes in their practical exams.

We know that many of our students may not have the opportunity to engage in these activities at home. It was lovely to see the equipment being used and hearing how passionate these students are about food.

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Year 7 visit the International Slavery Museum - posted 14th Mar

Year 7 students recently took part in a visit to the International Slavery Museum.

Students experienced a fantastic tour from a volunteer, who shared the story of her own ancestors; along with showing us many of the important artefacts that served as a timely reminder of the role Liverpool played some 200 years ago. 

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Students visit Riverside - posted 10th Mar

Several Year 11 students recently visited  Riverside College as part of their Learning for Life lessons,  travelling there using public transport.

Students planned the visit, working out the best route to take and practising getting on the bus to make sure they were fully prepared for next September. Students were really impressed with the college and several students who had not made decisions about next year, completed applications for Riverside College when they returned to school.

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Building confidence & social skills- Inclusion Department - posted 20th Dec

The Inclusion Department has recently arranged an afternoon to help support disadvantaged students improve their confidence & social skills.

Students took part in a variety of activities to prepare them for life away from school which included things like crossing main roads; completing a bus journey and working out the fare; ordering food by themselves and taking part in a competitive event in an unfamiliar venue. Students completed a pre & post evaluative questionnaire to measure the impact of the event, with results showing a real improvement in reducing levels of anxiety and increasing levels of confidence amongst the group.

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Partnership with Morrisons- 'Pick up packs' - posted 26th Nov

Building on the success of our partnership with Morrisons Belle Vale to support our disadvantaged students & their families, our Morrisons Community Champion Sian Fenech has kindly offered to prioritise food parcels for our families in need in our school reception.

Over the coming months a series of events are to be planned in-store to raise funds to further support our disadvantaged students which will go towards funding extra-curricular trips to address cultural capital for the disadvantaged group.

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Y1213 Biology

Year 9 Edgehill Higher education day - posted 17th Nov

Year 9 students recently visited Edgehill University day, taking part in several workshops designed for students to explore their future career and study options based on their interests and skills.

The day included a guided tour of the university campus and facilities.

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