Newsflash 01/02/2019

Attendance Matters

There have been some obvious challenges this week in terms of attendance. The weather did not help on Wednesday, but many pupils and staff still got to school ready to learn and prepared to teach. 

Years 7 to 10 have had individual days with really good attendance, but there are far too many days where quite simply not enough pupils are attending.  For example, on Thursday 13% of Year 10 were absent from school. As your child’s Headteacher, committed to ensuring a rich and varied learning environment, it is so difficult for my staff to then plug gaps when these pupils return.  Yet, on Monday, Year 10 had 96% attendance: the variability is so difficult to deal with.

snow in ManchesterAttendance on Wednesday was relatively low across all year groups, and yes, the snow does cause some problems but I don’t believe it was bad enough to prevent people from getting to school at some point in the day.  My own journey Wednesday morning started earlier than usual, digging the car out of the snow and my usual 50 mile commute quickly escalated to 80 miles by the time I got to school at 06:50 ready to clear paths for our school and local health centre.  I will always try my very hardest to keep the school open but if we ever had to close, I hope you would appreciate that we will have tried everything within our power to keep the building open. 


Year 9 Options Evening – follow up

Deputy Head, Ms Chapman would like to thank those parents who attended the Year 9 Options Parent Information Evening held on Thursday 31st January.

If you missed the event, or you have any subsequent questions you would like to ask us, then please feel free to make an appointment to come and discuss anything in relation to the options process. 

One part of the message Ms Chapman delivered was the connection between achieving good outcomes, being present in school and being on time.  It is so important that together we enable your children, our pupils, to develop positive and successful habits for life; good attendance and being punctual, are two that actually require little effort.  As you can see from the chart below, once attendance starts to fall below 93% then the ability for pupils to achieve their personal best grades begins to become more and more challenging.

Sporting Update

boys y7 athletics

The boys' Y7 and Y8 indoor athletics teams once again did themselves proud at the Liverpool Schools competition on Tuesday. Twelve schools attended and the boys performed brilliantly competing against the best athletes in the city. Louie Goulding (Y7) really dug deep to win the 4 lap race, cheered on by the teams and proud PE teacher, Mr Langford. Year 7 narrowly missed out on a making it through to the Merseyside Finals coming outside the top 4 schools. The boys came fifth missing out by only 4 points. Year 8 however came second in Liverpool and have, once again, for the second year running made it through to the Merseyside finals day! A huge achievement by all the boys concerned. They did themselves and the school proud.  


Year 11: Revision Apps, Past Papers, Revision Guides

Well done Year 11 on smashing the previous streaming record, we have had a new certificate given to us that marks the 5000 stream target being broken.

Remember that you also have access to the Tassomai Science app, GCSE Bitesize, Mr Barton Maths as well as good old fashioned revision booklets and past papers.  

One thing we hear a lot is “I don’t know how to revise”, in our 7th December 2018 Newsflash we gave a link to a really useful little guide ‘5 habits of an effective learner’.  The link to that guide is here:

I also have paper copies for any pupil in Years 10, 11, 12 or 13 who think that this will help them.

Safer Internet Day 5th Feb

February 5th 2019 is Safer Internet Day, a day that is very important to our school and pupils. Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the Insafe network and is celebrated every year across Europe, and in other countries worldwide with the aim to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. Find out more together with links to advice and guidance for parents and children here

Word Of The Week

Every week, as part of our literacy focus in school, to improve vocabulary and understanding, we feature a new word of the week. Parents can engage with this and help by using it at home and encouraging your child to use it within context. Next week's word of the week is:

Week 13 acquiesce

Year 12 Work Experience Week

During January our year 12s enjoyed a week's work experience in work placements at many different types of businesses, depending on their interests and long term goals. Work experience helps to clarify career goals and aspirations, provide insight into the way organisations operate and the challenges they face, increases future employability skills and knowledge which employers are looking for, provides students with networking opportunities and helps students to understand a particular job or industry.

Read the full article about the week of Work Experience enjoyed by our Year 12 Sixth Form students

work experience adminwork experience teaching placement at Norman Panellwork experience with primary schools


Sixth Form Open Evening 28th February 4pm - 6pm

Gateacre 6th form A4 ADVERT 2019



Dates for Your Diary:

  • 18th - 22nd February:  HALF TERM

  • 28th February: 6th Form Open Evening 4PM - 6PM

  • 28th March: Y8 Parents Evening 3:45pm - 6pm

  • 5th April: End of Term (Easter holidays 8th to 23rd April)

  • 23rd April Start of Summer Term



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