Newsletter 27.01.2020

Dear Parents and Carers

With mock examinations recently ending for Year 13 and results of those published today, Monday 27th January, my mind is very much focused on the fact that January, the first month of the year, is coming to an abrupt end. Time is very much moving on.  Year 13 will be aware of the outcomes of their efforts but more importantly, they will be informed about what they need to do to achieve their desired grade.  The slow, steady march of time beats with the slow, steady increase in preparation for those public examinations in May and June.  My mind equally moves to Year 11 and their approach to public examinations and their preparation.  At this stage in the year they need to have a clear routine as to their preparation and revision.  Please be aware, the date of the first written GCSE examination: Monday 11th May 2020.  This is now 60 school days away.

Preparation for examinations also leads me to attendance and the need to be in school.  Last week’s attendance can be seen in the graph below:

attendance 24.1.20

1 day a week missed schooling equals 2 months a year lost in education.


 Please remember, school weeks are not 4 days so Friday is as important as the other 4 days.  Please don’t take your child out of school on a Friday.

In school. On time. Every day.


attendance ladder

Mobile Phones

On a more positive note, our students have responded well to our reinforcement of our mobile phone policy.  After a busy first few days, students now very much understand the importance of keeping mobile phones out of sight in school.  If you haven’t already, please could you remind them of the importance and at the same time thank them for their sensible approach to the policy reinforcement.

Lunch Menu

Still keeping with a positive note, our students enjoyed the introduction of canned flavoured water drinks on Friday.  This is part of our menu change and a school move to remove plastic bottles from sale in the school building. Please see our school menu for further details. 

The Headteachers award again continues this week.  Heads of Year are asked to recommend a student who has done particularly well in some aspect of their school or community work.  Awards day this week is Wednesday 29th January 2020.

Car Parking

Finally, school access and car parking at the start and end of the school day has become an issue. On a number of occasions cars are parked outside of school in the driveway, on the double yellow lines, in the disabled bays or non staff cars entering into the car park gates causing congestion. We would like to remind parents to please refrain from parking in any of these areas and avoid entering the drive or car park but instead please drop off and collect children from a safe place further up the road in Belle Vale car park and away from the junction of the health centre and the approach.  Traffic Wardens are now in force, on a random basis and issuing car parking fines to those who are parked in disabled bays and on yellow lines.

Key Dates For Your Diary 2020:

Year 12 Work Experience Week                        Monday 27th January

Year 9 Options Information for Parents 6pm   Thursday 30th January

Key Stage 3 Parents Meeting 6pm                    Thursday 6th February

HALF TERM                                                         Monday 17th February

Sixth Form Open Evening                                  Thursday 27th February 4-6pm

Year 8 Parent Evening                                       Thursday 26th March 3:30-6pm

Year 7 Parent Evening                                       Thursday 2nd April 3:30pm-6pm

End of Term                                                        Friday 3rd April



6th Form Open Eve 2020