Newsletter 6th January 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  I hope that Christmas provided a time for relaxation, family activities and festive friendship.  A colleague of mine in a neighbouring school reminded me of the value she placed on a new year: a time for ‘new reality’ or a ‘new you’.  This provides a school with an opportunity to refresh; revitalise, reinvigorate and remind our community of the value of education and its importance in providing life chances to improve life choices for all our students.

Therefore, may I take this opportunity to remind us all, with regard to the importance of attendance and the significance of having an attendance above 95% or more.  The attendance ladder below illustrates this very well.  All of us should be aiming for 95% or better; ideally 100%!

Attendance Ladder


During early November we focused on lateness to school and the importance placed on being punctual and this being a skill for life not just for school.  The response by most students, parents and carers was extremely positive, so thank you to those that supported us and, continue to do so.


We have now covered a third of the school year, mock examinations for Year 13 are fast approaching, beginning on Monday 13th January.  GCSE and GCE public examinations will, as always, approach at a speed that we all find astonishing.  To help prevent that from happening may I begin to help support you all by informing you that the first written GCSE examinations begin on Monday 11th May.  This will take place 75 school days from today, Monday 6th January!  

Please support your son or daughter by beginning to help them prepare for these key dates.  If you wish to speak with our pastoral or curriculum teams to discuss how we are supporting our young people then please contact the school in the usual way.

Uniform what is isnt allowed snippet

As this is the first week back I have mentioned the idea of refreshing; may I take this opportunity to remind parents, carers and students about our uniform policy and the importance of wearing correct, full school uniform. 

Please find below an aide memoire to our school uniform expectations:

Parents can view our uniform expectations guide booklet including where to buy here:


Finally could I please remind you of some forthcoming dates. . 

  • Year 9 Parents Thursday 9th January 2020
  • Year 13  mock examinations begin on Monday 13th January
  • Year 12 & 13 Women in Black Trip Tuesday 21st May 2020


Term Dates can be found on our website here:

May I take this opportunity once again to wish you all a Happy New Year.


Gareth Jones



Key Dates For Your Diary:

9th January: Y9 Parents Evening 3:30pm-6pm

30th January: Y9 Options Info Evening for parents 6pm 

17th February: HALF TERM