Newsflash 05/10/2018

What are you having for breakfast?

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It’s not often I start a Newsflash off with such a question, but today I had an orange (easy peel of course), two crumpets and a cup of tea.

I ask this because as part of my morning duty I go across to the shops and make sure our pupils get to school on time, but I am increasingly starting to find that our children are beginning their day with the £1 bags of chocolate or the extra-large chocolate bars.   Whilst the choices of drink within the building has got so much better and there are far fewer Lucozade/Monster/Red Bull type drinks than last year, unfortunately some children are still spending their money on these high sugar, high caffeine drinks prior to coming to school.lucozademalteasers

We are all parents so we all know and appreciate how challenging it can be when our children are full of sugar.  Imagine trying to discuss Shakespeare or do Pythagoras theorem?  How about discussing covalent bonding with someone who has eaten an extra-large bag of Malteasers and washed it down with a can of energy drink containing 16 spoonfuls of sugar?

monster munchThen, add to this the effect of all of that sugar, chocolate and sweets on your child’s teeth.  Liverpool has a chronic issue with dental decay in children, especially so in the 11-16 age bracket and we are letting them make terrible choices.

Our school has an effective Parent Pay system, you can sign in and transfer money onto your child’s cashless catering account so they do not have to have cash on them.  Also you can bring cash or cheque into reception and add money that way.

Just ask yourself this, do you want to see you child in the dentist’s chair having fillings or having their teeth pulled out because they are rotten?  I expect you would say no and because I know that you would say this then we need to tackle the children’s before-school food choices.  To do that I need your help.


Standards and expectations – attendance

Attendance this week has been relatively high, compared with the same week last year.  It cannot be stressed enough how important being in for each one of the 190 days across the school year is.

Regular school attendance is defined by school and Liverpool City Council as 97%, the national average fluctuates but is generally somewhere between 94% and 95%.

If your child is not at least at the national figure then they are being disadvantaged, their peers around the country are getting taught more than your child which means their peers, not your child, is more likely to be successful in school and later on in life.

Let’s start looking after our bit of Liverpool more and get the kids to school every day.  We love having them here and we miss them when they are absent.


Final Newsflash reminder

Year 11 Information Evening, Tuesday 9th October 5pm – 6pm

A final reminder that next Tuesday we will be holding an important information evening in relation to the GCSEs, what you should expect in relation to the next few months, and how you can support your child to achieve their very best results next summer.

But of course there is a way to go before we get there and prior to that in the second part of the autumn term are the Year 11 Pre-Public Exams (mock exams).  These will give an important indication of how well they are doing up to that point.  A good or a bad grade in the November mock exams does not mean that it will be replicated in the summer, we can always improve and we can always work harder which means that, especially in regards to education, our personal best is limitless.


Year 11 and Year 13 countdown

You have 27 school weeks and 135 school days left as of Monday 8th October.

GCSEPod has seen a huge increase in its use so thank you parents for pushing this at home with your Year 11 child.

On Tuesday 9th October the Heads of English, maths and science will also go through some important information in relation to their courses which will include top tips and revision materials so that you are fully informed and can help and support your child over the final 27 weeks.

Year 13 have you started working through your EPQ materials?  If not go and see Ms Thomas in the 6th Form Study room.


Gateacre School Shortlisted for Educate Awards 2018


We are delighted to announce that Gateacre School has been shortlisted for not one but four Award Categories for this year's prestigious Educate Awards 2018.

  • Most Inspirational Secondary School Award

  • Leadership Team of the Year Award

  • SEND Provision Award

  • Most Inspirational 16-18 Education Provider

The awards, in partnership with Copyrite Systems and Ricoh, is now in its seventh year and is the largest education awards in the North West. From inspiring teachers, superb support staff to innovative projects across the curriculum, the awards recognises the work of schools and colleges which are delivering outstanding education and helping students achieve their full potential. The winners will be announced at the annual awards ceremony, which takes place on Friday 16 November at Liverpool Cathedral.


Dates for Your Diary:


Year 11 Information Evening: Tuesday 9th October 5-6pm

Half Term: 22nd to 26th October

Y11 Mock Exams commence 12th November

Y11 Mock Results: Friday 30th November

INSET Day: 3rd December

Y11 Parent Evening: 6th December

End Of Term: 21st December



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