Newsflash 05/07/2019

Attendance Matters

Whilst we have had a number of below 90% attendance days in some year groups, it is important to compare the current attendance to the same point last year in order to see year-on-year improvement.

I am really pleased to inform parents and carers that we are just above 2% better this year compared to last year on the same week where we ended on 89.2%.  Now, 2% in the attendance world is huge, think about it: - nearly 1000 pupils across 190 days, that’s a lot of external factors that can affect how well a school does in trying to ensure pupils attend and that parents/carers are fully supportive of the school in educating their children.

The ups and downs of some of our pupils’ attendance rates are something that we will continue to work on relentlessly day after day, and I want to publicly thank the vast number of parents/carers who just do the right thing week in, week out, day after day, reinforcing that message: “you are going to school”.

We still have a way to go in order to say that we are at the same level as other schools nationally but we can definitely see a shift in attitudes; more children achieving 100%, more children above 97% and more children above 94%.  We have also had a 5% reduction in persistent absenteeism (PA) which is where a child’s attendance falls below 90%.

Our current PA figure, whilst going in the right direction, is still far too high, currently hovering around the 20% mark.  Last year we were around 25%.  Both figures are quite scary as it means that there are around 160 children not attending school on a regular basis.

I am currently suffering probably the worst hay fever I have experienced in years: my eyes are streaming, nose is blocked one minute then running the next, my throat feels awful.  I’d like to describe it as ‘man-flu’ but, in truth, it’s probably worse.  I’m still in work.  Sometimes everyone needs to be a little bit more resilient and a little bit more robust.  Children don’t always need to be kept off for sniffles, coughs, sore throats.  They are tougher than you might think.

attendance wb 1.7.19


Poland Trip

Poland 2019Poland2019 2The History department recently took 27 Year 10 students on a 3-day trip to Krakow in Poland.

The main purpose was to visit Auschwitz, in order to gain a better understanding of the Holocaust, by looking at what happened, why it happened and how blame should be apportioned. One of the highlights of the visit was the talk from a Holocaust survivor Monica.  Her parents gave her to a Polish couple just before they were deported for Aushwitz - her mother had to fool the officials by wrapping a doll in a blanket to look like she still had her baby with her.

All students found the trip hugely rewarding, and coped well with the emotional stress that such a visit can cause. They also coped admirably with the extreme heat - 36c on day 1 - without so much as a single complaint.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was the visit to the Unesco-listed world heritage Salt Mines, which are truly stunning. The picture below was taken 135 metres underground and the frescos on the wall are carved from salt.

 Poland Trip salt mines

Sports Leaders

sports leaders jump joyWell done to all our Year 8 and Year 9 Sports Leaders.  Once again they were a credit to the school and as you can see from the photos all enjoyed it just as much as the pupils from Woolton Primary School did.  Their concentration, enthusiasm and focus on their roles was brilliant and we are very proud of each and every one of them. 

A stand out performance from Holly Anderson who got so involved, excited and motivated her team to win the competition.  Just goes to show how motivation can change a team, opportunities like this create memories forever and hopefully the girls will want to continue to be involved in events like this.

Sports Leaders group pic  


Gateacre School Cadets (CCF) completed a training week at warcop camp with adventure training, teamwork and collaboration skills, mountain biking, shooting range fire practice, and water sports. Contingent Commander Gateacre CCF tweeted:

Cadets trip fatigue on grasscadets trip watersports

Cadet camp shooting practiceCadets trip manoevres


Word Of The Week

Next week's word of the week (WOW) will be:

Week 31 Inevitable 

jungle book logo...and finally

Gateacre School proudly presents

Jungle Book whole stageOur sensational production of Disney's Jungle Book (kids) has been a run away success this week; with fantastic performances, stunning scenery, amazing singing/dancing/music - culminating in a truly wonderful extravaganza of performing arts. All superbly choreographed and directed by our Drama Department and Music Department. Jungle book 1

80 students from 3 primary schools (Norman Pannell, Woolton Primary and Belle Vale Primary) also performed live on stage with our students over the 3 nights.

Well done to all those involved and thanks for all your very hard work and great community collaboration.

Keep an eye on our social media feeds for the full story and pictures. We still have tonight's performance to go - enjoy! Here is just a taster... 

Jungle book 2jungle book 4jungle book 5


Mr Roberts



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20th Sept: INSET / Y6 Taster Day for primary schools

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