Newsflash 10/05/2019

Attendance matters

Regular readers will know that last week we saw some exceptionally well attended days across Years 7 to 10.  However, Friday rolled around and unfortunately we were unable to sustain the momentum that I thought we were starting to develop.

This week myself, Mrs Boulton and key pastoral leaders have looked across attendance patterns from January up to last Friday and have identified a number of pupils who have an unusually high number of Friday’s absent from school.

It is a pattern that we need to understand and break as 80% attendance across a week soon becomes 80% attendance across a term, then a year.

There are 190 days in a school year, they are all important.

Moving onto this week, Tuesday was ok, again there were some really decent individual year group percentages, however Liverpool’s Tuesday night win combined with Wednesday’s rain appears to have put off a significant minority.  Again, except for football and weather there is not any other explanation and the two that I have just mentioned are not acceptable in terms of a child being kept off school for a day. 


Thursday’s attendance picked up given 3 out of 5 year groups were above 95 but yet again Fridayitis took hold of a minority of pupils yet again causing us to slip back.  This being said well done to Year 9 pupils and parents who kept a solid 94%.

Meeting The Mayor



We were incredibly proud to have Year 10 pupil Milly represent the school recently in an interview with the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, discussing real life issues that face pupils with SEND and autism.

Milly said she was thrilled to meet Mr Burnham and she was also a real credit to the school. 


School Improvement looking ahead to 2019–2021

The Senior Leadership Team are beginning the process of writing the new School Development Plan (SDP) over the coming months. This plan will have the priorities, plans and actions that will be required between 2019 and 2021 to bring further school improvement based upon how well Year 11 and Year 13 perform this summer.

The plan we write drives all our meetings and our work over the next two years so it is incredibly important that we get this right for you. As part of this process, we are determined to hear the ideas of as many key stakeholders as possible, especially those of students and their parents/carers.

To help us with our planning, it would be great if you could share any ideas that you may have about how we can further improve our school. Please be as constructive as possible.

There are plenty of forums where students and parents can raise concerns or praise the school but this request is more specific.

The key questions we would like your views on are:

1. What priorities should the school have for 2019-20 and 2020-21 and why?

2. What actions should the Senior Leadership Team put into place to drive this improvement?

If you have any suggestions or ideas please let us know via email at: marking your message as either Student SDP Suggestion or Parent/Carer SDP Suggestion in the subject reference accordingly.

The deadline is Friday 24th May 2019 in order that we have the second half of the Summer term to properly consider your ideas and assess for any unintended consequences. We would be most grateful if you could find a little time to share your thoughts.

Countdown to exams

As we witnessed on Tuesday night when Liverpool overcame the odds to beat Barcelona, it is never too late to try.

The same mind-set can be applied to work, studying or sitting exams.  A lot of pupils at this time talk about having exam stress and one way we try to get our pupils to rationalise these anxieties is to break down what it actually is they are doing; sitting on a chair in a room, reading questions off a piece of paper and writing something about what it has asked you.  That in itself is not scary, but we know that sometimes our minds can make us believe something is far worse than it is.

At the time of writing this on Friday morning, there is one more school day on Monday 13th May before GCSE biology paper 1 on the afternoon of Tuesday 14th May.

Hopefully your child has made best use of their revision guides and they have a timetable in place. If at any point there is an issue let us know as soon as possible.

We will be open extra early (06.45) on Wednesday 15th May in order to allow any pupils who wish to be in the building that opportunity.  To refresh people’s memories, exams on Wednesday morning are sport science and health and social care followed by English literature paper 1 in the afternoon.  On Thursday 16th we have chemistry paper 1 in the morning and on Friday 17th drama in the afternoon.

All we ask is that everyone turns up and tries their best, once an exam is over move onto the next.


If Liverpool win the league on Sunday 12th May…

A big ‘if’ given that the result of Brighton vs Manchester City is pivotal in the final outcome.

If LFC win, then the city council along with Liverpool F.C. plan a parade through the city on Monday 13th May starting at 4pm, commencing at the junction of Queens Drive and Menlove Avenue, the parade then travels along Queens Drive towards the Five Ways roundabout and carries on up Queens Drive towards the West Derby area of the city.

I am under no illusion about how proud many of our pupils and parents/carers will feel as we have a very large number of Liverpool supporters who will no doubt wish to share in the pride and glory of such a historic victory.

The parade is obviously going to have a knock on effect for lots of people as many of the key roads around Liverpool will be shut or impassable due to the very large volumes of people that could descend into the area.

In light of this, I hope you can see my rationale for the following proposal that should LFC win the league on Sunday, then pupils will be allowed to leave the site at 2pm on Monday.

For those parents who wish their child to remain in school or who are simply not interested in the parade we will be able to keep them until the normal school finish time of 3:05pm where they will be expected to undertake independent study or revision in the Atrium.  Special note to Year 11 pupils you have a biology exam on Tuesday starting at 1:30pm and many of you have science Period 5 on Monday.

So, if Liverpool are victorious I fully expect excellent attendance on Monday as there is no excuse for anyone to be absent.  Finishing a full 2 hours prior to the start of the parade gives people plenty of time to organise themselves.

We will update our website and social media pages with a reminder of this message if Liverpool win the league on Sunday 12th May so that everyone is clear what is happening on Monday.  In order for us to be able to manage the “what ifs” effectively we would very much appreciate you letting us know via text if your child will be staying on Monday afternoon until the normal end of school time. If we do not hear from you, we will take it that you have organised with your child to attend the official parade and you are looking after them from 2pm otherwise your child will be expected to join others remaining on site at the Atrium blue tables where a Period 5 register will be taken.

Should the outcome not go Liverpool’s way, Monday 13th May will run as normal and as usual we will expect excellent attendance – no excuses!

DofE Year 9

Year 9s not letting the rain and mud get in the way of enjoying themselves. Resilience! See our twitter for more updates and pictures

DofE in the rain

Word Of The Week

Each week, our English department chooses a new Word Of The Week (WOW) which students should try to use as much as possible in their vocabulary. We ask families to join in and support  this by trying to use that week's word in conversation at home for fun and see who can use it the most, correctly. Next week's WOW is:

Week 24 Intrinsic





Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme - Help in a crisis

There has been a huge rise in issues due to the roll out of universal credit and because people on some benefits got an early payment over Christmas the DWP “system” registered it as two payments and then reduced benefit payment for January and February.

Did you know that if you find yourself in crisis you can apply for support to get food and basic necessities for you and your family including gas and electric vouchers (urgent needs) and furniture and household essentials (home needs). An emergency or crisis might be a fire or flood, or you have had to move due to violence or fear of violence, or you are leaving care or prison and need support to stay in the community. For further information click here:

How to apply

Call Freephone 0800 456 1523 or 0151 233 3053 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm.

If you need help with applying for this please contact school - let us know, we are happy to help you.  


Free school meals poster 2019 Page 1

Apply for free school meals online, it's easy. Click here:

Free school meals poster 2019 Page 2

Dates For Your Diary:

27th - 31st May: Half Term

2nd July: Jungle Book the show

4th July: Y10 Parents Evening 3:45pm - 6pm

9th July: Art Exhibition

16th July: Summer Concert 7pm

19th July: End of Term




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