Newsflash 12/10/2018

Response to “what are you having for your breakfast?”

Thank you! We have seen a significant shift already with the choices your children are making with regards to the reduction in pupils bringing in energy drinks (Lucozade, Red Bull, Monster etc) and making much healthier choices by simply buying bottled water.  Similarly, pupils are buying less chocolate and sweets in Belle Vale Shopping centre which is ultimately better for their long term health and means they are less likely to develop dental decay.  To see the extent of the impact of high sugar diets on children’s teeth all you have to do is type in ‘childhood dental decay’ into Google and a series of not very nice images of rotting teeth appear!

The North West as a region has an issue with high numbers of children having tooth extractions and fillings because they are allowed to eat lots of sweets, drink lots of high sugar drinks and we as adults are reluctant to say no.

So following on from my earlier messages, we are not allowing into the building high sugar drinks such as Lucozade, nor do we allow any kind of energy drink and we do not allow large bags of sweets or chocolates.  Your children need to leave our school once they have completed their A Levels with all their teeth intact.


Safeguarding – A Reminder

Parents that are new to the school please follow this link to our comprehensive Safeguarding page that gives you advice and guidance on what Snapchat is, online safety in general, mobile phone Apps, potential risky apps such as Fortnight, tips on how to set up parental controls and social media. The direct link to the safety advice page on our website is here:

We provide a guide for parents on that page about potentially Risky Apps here: Risky Apps

The direct link to information on Apps identified as having been used for Child Sexual Exploitation is here:  

The NSPCC website is also a fantastic resource in relation to all aspects of safeguarding not just the online world or social media.  Follow this link to open up the NSPCC website:

Our advice to parents is that we are the adults and therefore we make the rules especially when it comes to mobile phone usage.


Are Our Records Up To Date?

Have you moved recently or changed your mobile number?  If so, unless you tell us of any changes it is difficult for us to find out. 

Our reception staff and admin team are always on hand to take any new details from you, equally if you need a SIMS form to update any recent changes, then please ask for one from reception.


Standards And Expectations


Attendance this week has been high yet again compared with the same week last year, which Mrs Boulton and her pastoral team are absolutely ecstatic about.

Regular school attendance is defined by school and Liverpool City Council as 97%. The national average fluctuates but is generally somewhere between 94% and 95%.

In school we are seeing the fruits of the hard work over the past two years.  When I first arrived at Gateacre in September 2016 I will admit that the situation around school attendance was quite depressing.  Lots of children would take time off for birthday treat days, take the whole of Friday off for Troupe dancing when the event doesn’t actually start until Saturday or miss a day for Christmas clothes shopping.

The first 6 weeks have been so much better this year than the previous two and together we are giving your children a much better education now because they are spending more time in school than they have done previously.  Thank you!


Standards And Expectations

Detention Notifications

As you know, we send regular text notifications about detentions. The DfE states that we need only contact parents should a detention last longer than one hour.  For any detention of an hour or less we do not have to inform you or give you notice.

We are going to continue to give parents and carers text notifications with regards to detentions lasting 30 minutes or more out of courtesy, however, as of MONDAY 15th OCTOBER 2018 we will no longer automatically text you to say your child has a 15 minute detention.  We will continue to review our policy and practice over the rest of this term in relation to texting about detentions.

Ultimately, the rules we ask the pupils to follow are fair, simple and straightforward. In summary, they are; arrive on time, bring your equipment, do your homework, do not disrupt your lessons, let your teacher teach.  There is nothing wrong with any of that, it is what I expect my child to do when he is at school.

If someone is not able to follow these very fair, very simple expectations then that is when a sanction will be put in place.  It is absolutely not fair for one child to steal the learning time from the rest of the class.


Year 11 and Year 13 countdown

You have 26 school weeks and 130 school days left as of Monday 15th October.

We had an excellent turn out for the Y11 information evening on Tuesday arranged by Mr Creed, Assistant Headteacher. Heads of English, maths and science went through some important information in relation to their courses which included top tips and revision materials so that you are fully informed and can help and support your child over the final 27 weeks.

After the Y11 Information Evening/parent talk on Tuesday night there was a sudden and very dramatic spike in the GCSEPod usage information, which is fantastic, that is precisely what it is there for and we are so pleased that your children are using this free resource.

A copy of that presentation for Y11 parents including tips and links to resources such as GCSEPod is available on the website here 

The schedule of Y11 After School Revision Sessions available is provided on our website here:   

Year 13 have you started working through your UCAS application?  If not go and see Ms Thomas in the 6th Form Study room.  We are very much looking forward to seeing where you want to go to University!


Peer Led Literacy Catch Up Mentoring

DSC 1607

Reading age has a significant impact on a student's ability to access the curriculum.  In Year 7 students are given a reading test on entry and some who's reading age is low are given extra support to help them to "catch up".Heidi Sayer 2  Last year, a group of Y10 student volunteers were given peer mentoring training on how to assist with Y7 literacy catch up for those who's reading age is below their chronological age. 

Providing guided reading twice a week, delivered in 15 minute sessions over an 8 week period these dedicated peer mentors helped Y7 students to improve their reading age.  The scheme was not only 100% successful in terms of results, but also for the bonds that developed between the mentors and their young Y7 learners.  100% made at least 6 months progress; 90% made over a year's progress; 50% made over 2 years progress. The mentors are continuing their fantastic work this year.

Congratulations to our Literacy Peer Mentors: Heidi Sayer, Lydia Barrett Browning, Taylor Young, Jamie Balmer, Ollie Switzer, Megan Wilcox, Charlee Turner, Ellie Clausson for their tremendous achievement. All were commended and received Certificates of Achievement presented by Headteacher, Mr Roberts and English Teacher/Head of Literacy, Mrs Melhuish.


The girls network

Yesterday (Thursday 11th October) all of our Year 11 girls were given a very special assembly by the North West lead for The Girls’ Network.  Their mission is to inspire and empower girls linking them up with a network of successful professional female role models.  Part of network’s belief is that all girls should be supported to realise their ambitions, to discover their self-worth and to develop their capacity to shape their world and their future.

I have said in previous Newsflashes that we think this cohort of Year 11 in particular are capable of achieving some very, very special results in the summer and because of this we are trying to provide as much support for them as we possibly can.

More information on The Girls’ Network can be found here: or alternatively please speak to either Mrs Ferriaolo, Ms Bayley or Mr Danson.


Gateacre School Shortlisted for Educate Awards 2018


  • Most Inspirational Secondary School Award 2018

  • Leadership Team of the Year Award 2018

  • SEND Provision Award 2018

  • Most Inspirational 16-18 Education Provider 2018

We are delighted to announce that Gateacre School has been shortlisted for not one but four Award Categories for this year's prestigious Educate Awards 2018. The awards, in partnership with Copyrite Systems and Ricoh, is now in its seventh year and is the largest education awards in the North West. From inspiring teachers, superb support staff to innovative projects across the curriculum, the awards recognises the work of schools and colleges which are delivering outstanding education and helping students achieve their full potential. The winners will be announced at the annual awards ceremony, which takes place on Friday 16 November at Liverpool Cathedral.


Dates for Your Diary:


Half Term: 22nd to 26th October

Y11 Mock Exams commence 12th November

Y11 Mock Results: Friday 30th November

INSET Day: 3rd December

Y11 Parent Evening: 6th December

End Of Term: 21st December



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