Newsflash 14/06/2019

Monday to Thursday has just been exceptional whole school, above national average near enough every day, years 7 and 8 have been fantastic.  After 3 years of hard work we are all really pleased with how school attendance is now showing an incredible turnaround (when I started we were in real trouble as the previous year average was 89%).  Thanks to your support, we have made some huge improvements but let’s keep going, keep getting better and keep improving even more.

80% attendance is 1 day off a week, 39 days off a year, 195 learning hours lost over a year, one full school year not attended over 5 years.  That’s why I talk about it so much and so often, good school attendance is critical to your child doing well in their GCSEs.  Getting good outcomes in GCSEs gives your child options – they can choose what they want to do post 16 and feel that they have achieved something.

As ever though, we turn to Friday’s attendance……Yes it was raining hard today, like it was on Wednesday and Tuesday.


Tuesday 18th final GCSE exam – Statistics paper 2

  • The very last paper of the year for our select groups of Year 11 and some tremendously talented Year 10 mathematicians who are sitting this GCSE a full year early. 
  • Ms Calvert is delivering a special Statistics Paper 2 revision session Monday 17th June period 1 and 2. 

Lunch time - new menus

I’m sure your children came home on Monday in absolute disbelief that they couldn’t purchase a chicken burger.  Such was the discord some Year 10 boys wanted, nay, demanded to see me to make their thoughts on the matter known “Sir, what’s all this about? I want a burger!”. “Sorry chaps, we’re doing something different, give it a chance”.

So as the week has gone on, the quality and taste of the food each day has been exceptional and I can say that, not only as a very fussy eater but someone who tends to have the same thing near enough every day. 

I would very much like to thank you yet again for the great work you must be doing at home as, in other schools I worked in, I would have had to spend the entire week dealing with complaints and concerns.  I haven’t and that I would like to think is largely down to the high levels of trust we have developed over the past few years whereby, if we make a change to something, as a parent/carer, you will know that we have thought long and hard about any unintended consequences and made sure that whatever decision is made it is done for the benefit of every single pupil at this school.

Feedback yesterday from the same year 10 boys about a Cajun chicken and rice dish…”it’s boss this Sir”.

Regards meat free Mondays, for those pupils struggling with the concept of going meat free one day a week there is an interesting piece about environmental impact here:

The weekly lunch menus can be viewed on our School Meals page here:


5 Star Food Hygiene Ranking

Food hygiene rating jpgTo make sure that we are following food hygiene legislation, local authority enforcement officers have conducted a food hygiene inspection today. During the inspection the enforcement officer checked to make sure that we're meeting legal food hygiene and safety requirements and that the food we are producing is safe for students to eat.

We are delighted to have maintained the highest 5 star ‘very good’ ranking and that the inspector commented on our ‘excellent standards’.


Gateacre takeover day at Rudston Primary

DSC 1790DSC 1761

Staff and students had a great #GateacreTakeover Day at Rudston Primary School working with all of Year 4 and 5 for the entire day, organised by our Community Co-ordinator, Lisa Mitchell. Each student participated in 5 workshops:DSC 1786

  • Maths- Codebreakers
  • Business Studies- Production Line
  • Drama- Jungle Book
  • Music- Samba
  • Inclusion- Superheroes

All students commented how much they'd enjoyed themselves and loved working with the older students.  The day was a great success, culminating in a celebration event at the end of the day with all the children receiving certificates, plus some extra special mentions for students showing the most effort.  A wonderful day was had by all! 

We received delightful feedback from W. Walters, Headteacher of Rudston Primary who wrote:

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you from myself, staff and children for all your hard work in organising today’s takeover day. The staff and children are ‘buzzing’ about the amazing opportunities available to children at Gateacre. 

Can you also thank your staff and children who came and made the day unforgettable and inspiring they were all a real credit to you."

DSC 1752 DSC 1772


Next week:

Week 28 Paradigm


Mr Roberts



Dates For Your Diary:

2nd July: Y6 Parents Information Evening 6pm (Sportsbarn)

3rd July: Y6 Induction Day

2nd, 3rd, 5th July: Jungle Book the show - doors open 6pm (tickets £3.50)

4th July: Y10 Parents Evening 3:45pm - 6pm

9th July: Art Exhibition

16th July: Summer Concert 7pm

19th July: End of Term




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