Newsflash 25/01/2019

Attendance Matters

Another strange week for attendance with some very irregular patterns emerging. For example, on Tuesday Year 9 had 97% attendance but the following day only 90%.  That is a huge 7% difference in the space of 24 hours.

Year 7 continue to have some of the best attendance in the school, but what is of huge concern, and has been for a number of months, is Year 11 in their final few weeks before their exams start in May; Tuesday and Wednesday this week were way down at 87%.

Poor and sporadic attendance make our job so much harder, it means there can be huge gaps in learning and, therefore, so much more difficult to ensure that knowledge is learnt at a deep level (by this we mean that it is remembered).


Progress 8, A Level and Academic outcomes

This week, the Department for Education has released information about all schools, academies and colleges on their performance for GCSEs, A Levels and other qualifications.

We were incredibly pleased to see that, once again, our A Level outcomes place Gateacre School as the top performing school for progress for the second year running and we are also the top school in Liverpool for Academic progress.  You can see the A Level performance table if you click here and you can see the Academic table if you click here.

As educators of children, we appreciate that a league table doesn’t capture everything that goes on in schools or in children’s lives.  However, for our teachers, seeing how our young people have developed and grown with us over the 7 years of their education, it was nice to see the fruits of their labour.

Our next task is to ensure that all phases of the school are equally successful and that is where we rely so much on parent and carer support in order to create young people that are polite, honest and hardworking; pupils need to attend school every day, be ready to learn and work independently away from their lessons.

Dr George Leckie and Professor Harvey Goldstein from The University of Bristol have released a research paper on school performance and how current systems to gauge how good schools are, based on GCSE Progress 8 measures, punish and reward the wrong schools by failing to take pupil background into account.  You can read the article in full here: and there is a link to their research titled “Should we adjust for pupil background in school value-added models? A study of Progress 8 and school accountability in England”.  It is an interesting read.


Year 11 Pizza Wednesday & Passport to the Prom

do maths and eat pizza

More details will follow in next week’s Newsflash but, for those who remember last year, we launched our Pizza Wednesday initiative to drive up engagement with learning beyond 3:05pm.  We know that many of our Year 11s are doing extended study anyway but we are offering formalised sessions each night after school for a number of subjects. You can find the before and after school revision timetable in the previous Newsflash last week. 

Pizza Wednesdays will specifically target maths support for all pupils in the year group to enable them to work on material that is targeted at consolidating grades at 4/5 (the old C) and giving pupils the ability and confidence to tackle the more challenging work at grades 6-9 (B-A*).



Year 7 Football At Liverpool College

Yesterday (Thursday 24th January) Mr Langford took our Year 7 football team to play Liverpool College. Here is his report of the match:

“The boys’ attitude, effort and application was superb once again. Playing against a strong and well organised team the boys had to dig deep for a well-earned 2-2 draw. We went behind early in the first half after a well taken goal. The boys stayed calm and applied themselves in the second half.

Man of the Match: Luis T (playing his first match for the team) was fouled whilst dribbling into the box and a penalty was awarded. Luis dispatched the penalty, giving the goalkeeper no chance of saving it. Carson S then made it 2-1 with a well taken goal after some excellent attacking play from Max W, Jamie T and Liam S.

We couldn't hang on for the final 10 minutes, and they equalized with 5 minutes remaining.

Special mention needs to go to Joseph Y who stepped in at last minute to play for the first time, and he played out of position. His positive attitude was really pleasing and was infectious with the other boys. Well done!

Congratulations to the boys on a great performance. As always they represented themselves and the school brilliantly.”

Liverpool College 2


Word Of The Week

Every week, as part of our literacy focus in school, to improve vocabulary and understanding, we feature a new word of the week. Parents can engage with this and help by using it at home and encouraging your child to use it within context. Next week's word of the week is:

Week 12 interpret


Sixth Form Open Evening 28th February 4pm - 6pm

Gateacre 6th form A4 ADVERT 2019




Dates for Your Diary:

  • 31st January 2019: Sixth Form Parents Evening 3:45pm - 6pm

  • 31st January 2019: Y9 Options Evening

  • 18th February 2019:  HALF TERM

  • 28th February 2019: 6th Form Open Evening 4PM - 6PM



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