Post 16 Transition to Education, Employment or Training

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: Post 16 Transition to Education, Employment or Training

As we approach the end of year 11, schools will be collecting information regarding the destination of young people as they move into year 12.

We understand that this may have been a difficult time for some young people, with some

still unsure about what they want to do next, or they may need help with career plans. In the first instance young people can seek support from their school. Further support will also be made available through the summer and throughout the next year for young people who have not gained a place in education, employment, or training from Liverpool City Council’s 16-19 Guidance Team.

Support available includes:

· assessing what to do next

· recognise the young person’s skills, strengths, and ambitions

· finding out about opportunities, including education, apprenticeship, employment, traineeship, further training, and volunteering

· developing a plan to help achieve goals, and keep on track with that plan

· create a CV, practice interviews, search for jobs and complete job or applications.

If you would like to get in touch for more help you can either email our 16-19 guidance team at; who will arrange for someone to make contact with you or you can contact our specialist support services Career Connet direct on 0151 378 2336 and they will initiate the next steps.

Liverpool City Council are required by the Department of Education to find out if young people aged 16-18 are settled in education, employment, or training. Therefore, Liverpool City Council may be in contact to see if any further support is required.

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Thank you for your support at this critical time with your young person’s learning journey as they transition into post 16 education.


Yours sincerely,

Steve Reddy,


Children & Young People’s Services