Please click here for an updated parent/student information booklet on the summer grading released by the government (JCQ).



As this is all new information for schools we will be planning over the coming weeks, and will update you further in due course. Mr Creed


Examinations can be a stressful time. Here is a great guide to help you through. It sets out how the science of learning can be used to improve revision and reduce stress/anxiety and by using retrieval practice, questioning, concrete examples, spaced practice and good old interleaving will help transfer knowledge from working memory into long term memory.

Click here for the study guide.

Exams at Gateacre

If you are absent or late, you must

  • Phone school
  • Bring a note

What you must not do!

  • Turn around
  • Make contact with others
  • Talk
  • Tap
  • Borrow anything from another student
  • Write on the desk £10 bill
  • Graffiti your exam paper

What you must do

  • Read your timetable properly
  • Arrive in good time
  • Sit in your correct seat
  • Check the front of your paper
  • Stay until the end
  • Wear full school uniform

To bring

  • 2 pens – black only
  • Pencil/ruler/ rubber
  • Water
  • Calculator (simple)
  • Highlighters/gel pens (not for answers)

Not to bring

  • Pencil case
  • Calculator case
  • Notes/paper
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Unauthorised material
  • Tippex etc

Coursework appeals

  • Discuss concerns with your teacher
  • Make an appointment with the Exams Officer
  • By early July

What else?

  • Revise well
  • Do your best
  • Look after yourself
  • Come and ask

Important Letter To Parents - Exam Procedures 

Parents please click here read this important guidance regards exam procedures, costs where applicable and results day. 


For more information about exams please contact our Examinations Officer, Ms A.Navein@gateacre.org