Research shows that people with good literacy skills are more likely to have higher self-esteem, better health, better jobs and higher wages.

This is because they are more able to take advantage of the opportunities that life may offer them.

 As part of the Literacy Focus in school, resources will uploaded here every 2 weeks for pupils to access from home.

The resources will correspond with the school fortnightly focus covered in virtual tutor sessions, so pupils are able to familiarise themselves with the tasks and work on extending their knowledge. Further resources will be available so pupils can improve their writing skills - targeting specific areas; key skills sheets and tasks along with mark sheets can be can be downloaded and completed in addition to homework set by subject teachers.

We have also introduced The Gateacre Word. Our new termly publication of writing from Gateacre students across year groups and subjects.  It represents the range of lively and vibrant writing produced across our curriculum for a variety of purposes and audiences. The latest issue can be viewed by clicking on the dropdown + of the Literacy page.

To improve literacy across school we encourage pupils to incorporate the focus in all subjects, therefore we hope you will encourage your child to take advantage of the work provided.  

You can print the presentation and use it as a booklet or respond on lined paper. Your work can form part of a Literacy Booklet. You can download and print the front cover and insert.