The Carole Weston Kyewski Creative Writing Competition

Carole Weston Kyewski grew up in Netherley but moved to California to start a new life. She sadly passed away in autumn 2019. 

To extend her legacy by inspiring other young people to be creative and courageous and expand their view of what their world could be, and to give back to the community in which she grew up, Carole's husband, Ron has very generously set up an annual creative writing competition for Gateacre School students with an amazing total prize fund of £1,000. 

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There will be 3 fantastic prizes: 

prizesFirst prize        £600

Second prize  £300

Third Prize      £100




All Gateacre students are eligible

How to enter:

•Write a short story of between 500 & 1500 words, or a poem of up to 200 wordstypewriter

•It must be submitted electronically

•Send your submission to Mrs Cleary, including details of your name & form:

•All submissions must be received by Monday 9th March 2020

•The English department will assist in the shortlisting but the competition will be judged externally by Carole’s husband and a group of local judges, who are friends of the family


Winners will be announced at the end of March. Good luck!



2012 carole margie central park CopyCarole grew up in Netherley, attended Belle Vale and then Netherley comprehensive from 11 to 16.

She moved to America in 1979 before her 20th birthday to explore a new life.  She always wanted her world to extend beyond Netherley and the surrounding area.  Two marriages and 21 years later she met her husband Ron in 2000.  They were together for 19 years until a rare neurodegenerative disease took her life September 9, 2019 after a difficult 4 year battle. 

Vibrant, creative, smart and compassionate, Carole was a beautiful woman with a lightning quick sense of humour and passionate about writing.  She always wanted to write children’s books but dabbled intermittently as her 32 year working career and raising her two children kept her very busy.  She was really a clever poet, penning some beautiful poems. Equally, she would use her writing talents and home grown Liverpool wit to create comedic tales of colleague’s life events. 2008 Carole ron wedding SMALL



Everyone loved Carole for her bright smile, quick wit, clever brain and her engaging personality.  Her smile was brightest when she was throwing a party, being around kids and playing with her dog. She was always quick to help a friend in need no matter what.  She is, and will remain, sorely missed by the 150 people that came to her Celebration of Life and so very many more that couldn’t make it. 

“My goal is to extend her legacy by inspiring other young people to be creative and courageous and expand their view of what their world could be.  I hope this writing competition and prize sparks that in someone every year we fund this event.” Ron Kyewski.