Drama Maga-scene

Welcome to your monthly E-magazine 'THE DRAMA MAGA-SCENE'. 

This is exclusively for Gateacre students only and we hope 'THE DRAMA MAGA-SCENE' can bring you a moment of pause, reflection, entertainment and further you in your exploration of the world of Theatre!

Expect throughout your time at Gateacre a monthly issue of 'THE DRAMA MAGA-SCENE' filled with:

  • 'Playwright in the Spotlight' - Recommended Playwrights & their work
  • 'Watch of the Week' - links to live theatre you can watch from the comfort of your home
  • 'Practitioner Party' - A celebration of a practitioner/exploring their work & further reading/watching
  • Selection of activities
  • News from the world of Theatre & The Gateacre Drama Department.
  • Celebration of YOUR work!

We hope you enjoy this E-mag as much as we enjoy making it!

Get in touch and share 

  • Reviews of any performances you have watched
  • Pictures of performances/work you have been a part of
  • Any theatre information you come across
  • Fun Theatre facts you come across
  • Any positive news you can share


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