As such, we in the maths department see it as our duty to ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to achieve their full potential in this area and achieve the highest possible grade at GCSE.

Meet the Staff

  • Mr L. Martin (Subject Leader)
  • Ms D. Calvert (KS5 Responsibility)
  • Mrs K. Valentine (Lead Practitioner)
  • Ms L. Bloxam
  • Mrs V. Green
  • Mr C. Taylor
  • Mr K. McCallan
  • Mr. P Byrne
  • Mr. P Danson

Our Aims

The objectives of the department and the syllabus will allow and encourage the pupils to develop.

  • a) a programme of learning tailored to the individual needs of each pupil,
  • b) each and every child to feel that they can make an attempt at everything which valued and used as a basis for further progress,
  • c) that there is adequate time for developing numeracy skills,
  • d) pupils to turn to equipment when there imagery needs reinforcement,
  • e) pupils to select the appropriate equipment for the task in hand,
  • f) pupils to use the equipment in a responsible, efficient, competent and systematic fashion,
  • g) opportunities for the discussion of concepts to encourage the formation of imagery,
  • h) opportunities for pupils to demonstrate verbally their understanding, skills and knowledge,
  • i) opportunities for the pupils to record and display their imagery for themselves,
  • j) a positive attitude to mathematics, including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance,

Key stage 3

Mathematics is a core subject in the National Curriculum and is therefore compulsory for all students in Years 7 to 11. Throughout Key Stage 3, the Years 7, 8 and 9 teachers will be assessing pupils against the National Curriculum programmes of study.

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Key stage 3 Homework 

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National Curriculum Tests

National Curriculum Tests are no longer compulsory for all students at the end of year 9. However, at Gateacre we are still intending that all students should sit them. This will enable us to more accurately assign a KS3 level student to each student at the end of the year.


Here at Gateacre we have recently changed to the Edexcel Linear GCSE Specification, full details of which may be found on the Edexcel website. As with other GCSE maths courses there are two tiers of entry, higher and foundation, and the grades available are different for each tier.

  • Higher 9-4
  • Foundation 5-1


GCSE Revision Guides

Aiming for 1

Aiming for 1 answers

Aiming for 3

Aiming for 3 answers

Aiming for 5

Aiming for 5 answers

Aiming for 7

Aiming for 7 answers

Aiming for 9

Aiming for 9 answers


Year 11 Paper 2 revision

Higher Paper 2 revision

Extra questions on Iteration, Equation of a circle and Quadratics

Paper 2 Higher revision list


A/S and A2 Level

A level mathematics is an extremely highly regarded, well respected and popular subject.  Employers and universities view it as useful, and often essential, for many different career paths and courses. However, it is not an easy A level and really only for those students with good mathematical knowledge who are willing to work hard.

To study 'A' level Mathematics at Gateacre students need at least a grade B at GCSE.
The students will complete an AQA Modular 'A' level course made up of six modules from the following:

Pure Core 1 | Pure Core 2 | Pure Core 3 | Pure Core 4 | Mechanics 1 | Statistics 1

Further Mathematics 'AS' and 'A' level are also available to those students who require a greater depth to their mathematical experience.  (Extra modules will be done, three for A/S and six for A Level further Maths).

Extra Curricular Activities

There are several opportunities for pupils to become involved in maths outside the classroom, and all pupils are encouraged to take part.  Some of the activities that have been available or will be offered this year include:

  • Reducate GCSE revision days
  • Maths homework clubs
  • After school revision sessions

Our recent successes

There has been a huge amount of change within the department recently but the benefits speak for themselves with constantly improving results over the last few years in both GCSE and A level.  There is also far more enthusiasm for the subject amongst pupils, reflected in large increases in numbers of pupils taking A level and the starting of a Further Maths A level groups.

GCSE results have been increasing steadily over the last few years, with our most recent leavers achieving our results of 50% A*-C and a further increase is expected next year
The department was ranked as one the most successful in the school when A level results were judged in previous years ALP’s reports and a similar result is expected this year.