Welcome to the Business Studies Department. Within this subject we offer a wide variety of knowledge & experiences to students from all aspects of the business world. Development of Key skills is also an important factor in this subject. Business is only available as a subject in key stage 4 & 5.

Meet the Staff

  • Mrs L. Walker (Head of Year 8)
  • Mr P. Danson (Head of Year 10)

Our aims

  • To create an understanding of the types of business that exists.
  • To gain practical experience through market research & involvement in realistic business activities
  • To encourage development of key skills in communication, numeracy, ICT & Teamwork.
  • To develop a safe and stimulating teaching environment where students are challenged and set realistic goals.
  • To gain experience of public speaking through developing & delivering presentations.
  • To encourage students confidence and ability to present themselves as they wish to be perceived.
  • To encourage competitive spirit through involvement in local Enterprise & school competitions & events such as Make Your Mark Challenge and Stock Market Challenge.

Scheme of Work

All programmes of study are planned and differentiated in accordance with the group needs. Schemes of work always:

  • Recognise and build on past achievements
  • Present challenges which enable further achievement
  • Include a variety of Activities, both theoretical & practical in order to improve understanding of the many different aspects of business e.g. finance, marketing, human resource planning & production & enable students to ‘learn by doing’.

Students on business courses will enjoy the variety of educational visits to places like Cadbury World in Birmingham in order to learn how their Production & Marketing functions work. Scottish Power in order to asses how Human Resource are selected & trained & Alton Towers to understand how it functions as a business in the Leisure Industry. Students also benefit from meeting guest speakers such as local entrepreneurs who will discuss the advantages of setting up in business.


Students follow the EDEXCEL syllabus for GCSE Business. The course is divided into three units:

  • Unit one concentrates on the key issues & skills involved in enterprise. It provides a framework to consider the marketing, financial, human & operational issues involved in starting & running a small business. This unit is externally assessed & contributes 25% to the overall qualification.
  • Unit two is a controlled assessment & contributes 25% to the overall qualification. Students will use the content of unit 1 & research, analyse & evaluate a selected task on enterprise issues. This work is then marked & sent for external moderation by Edexcel.
  • Unit three examines how a business develops beyond the start-up phase. It focuses on practical methods used to build up a business, with an emphasis on aspects of marketing, customer service, financial & people management. It also considers the impact of the wider world on the success or failure of a business. This unit is externally assessed & contributes 50% to the overall qualification.

A Level

Students follow the EDEXCEL AS and A2 Level GCE Applied Business course. This course has been developed to provide a broad educational basis for further training, further education or for moving into appropriate employment within the business sector. The EDEXCEL GCE has been designed to be delivered in a work-related context & to allow learners to develop an understanding of the business sector. Students can complete a Single Award course which is one A Level or a Double Award course which is two A Levels. Students will complete coursework & sit external examinations for various units.

Topics covered include, Business Development, People at work, Marketing & Promotion, Organising Events, Finance & International Trade. AS is the first half of a GCE course & contributes 50% of the total Advanced GCE marks. A2, the second half of the Advanced GCE, comprises the other 50% of the total Advanced GCE marks. Students on the Single Award will study 6 units over two years, Double Award students study 12 units over two years.


Students will follow the EDEXCEL syllabus for this course. The BTEC qualification in Business is designed to provide learners with an introductory course, which gives them the opportunity to learn the basic facts about Business. The course has been designed to provide learners with knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to prepare them for employment. It is a focused vocational course for learners who wish to follow a shorter programme of study than GCSE, which is related to a specific aspect of employment. After completing this qualification you can continue your studies in 6th form.

Students can take the Level 2 Extended Certificate in Year 12 (one year course) which is the equivalent to 2 GCSE’s & comprises of 4 pieces of coursework or the Level 2 Diploma in year 10 (two year course) which is the equivalent to 4 GCSEs & comprises of 8 pieces of coursework. Students will learn about Business organisations, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Customer Service & Business Enterprise. In order to obtain the BTEC qualification students complete coursework, there are no external examinations for the BTEC qualification.


Homework is set once a week for Year 10 and 11 and twice for years 12 & 13.
Homework is usually one of the following:

  • Research tasks for a current topic
  • Exam questions for a current topic
  • Extension activities for a current topic
  • Coursework tasks

Extra Curricular Activities

  • A Level/BTEC coursework club
  • Year 10/11 Study club
  • Young Enterprise Activity

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