Stay Well At Home

Government Guidance

People with symptoms of a respiratory infection including COVID-19 - GOV.UK (

Staff who test positive should still remain at home and not come into work for 5 full days after a positive test.  

After 5 full days, staff can come back into work if they do not have a temperature and they are well enough. 


How to work at home

Many of us are now working from home - which will be an alien concept to many of us used to working in bustling schools and offices. Our experience will hopefully be short-lived, but here are a few tips to make the most of it and stay well working at home.



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Trello: The Remote Communication Cheat Sheet

Text as a communication mechanism is hard. You can’t see body language, you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life on the other side of the chat window. You have much less insight into someone than when you’re around them in an office all day, plus you don’t even know if they are even physically there. Here are some actionable tips to put in place in order to be a good remote colleague: The Remote Communication Cheat Sheet For Respecting @All Team Members