Are you ready for Readathon?

We are proud to be uniting with schools across the city to take part in the Liverpool Readathon and we're hoping your child will join in.

The week-long sponsored read during National Libraries Week (9-14 October) is being organised by the Liverpool Learning Partnership and the charity, Read for Good, which has been running its Readathon in individual schools since 1984.

The main aim of the Liverpool Readathon is to motivate our children to read for fun. We know that learning to love to read as a child has benefits that last a lifetime- from educational outcomes to emotional wellbeing- but first you need to read. Motivation is an important part of reading well, as reading is what you love. Readathon helps to do both!
Help us build a buzz about books and reading for fun as part of our mission to create a community of readers in Liverpool! We know that motivation is an important part of reading well, as is reading what you love.  We're doing both! Children can read whatever they like - from comics to classics - and money raised supports Read for Good's unique work at Alder Hey, bringing the power of stories to children in hospital, as well as buying books for your school (20% of whatever you raise).

What we'd like you to do

  • Your child will be given a Readathon sponsorship form card on which to list whatever they will enjoy reading. Anything goes! Take a look at what they plan to read or help them complete it.
  • Help your child find sponsors among family and friends. The easiest way to sponsor a child is at (which family and friends can use too) or return the sponsor card with a cheque(s) or cash sent to school.

Please support your child’s sponsored read as much as you can. They’ll be helping kids in hospitals get books, as well as helping themselves. And our school receives free books worth 20% of our grand sponsorship total – so there really is something in it for everyone. 

For more information, check out your child’s sponsorship card and visit