End Of Term 1 Newsletter

As the end of term approaches I would like to re-affirm that school will re-open again at 08:40am on Monday 8th January 2018.

As stated in previous Newsflashes, which I hope you have had time to read, we had a very positive Section 5 OFSTED inspection back in October which demonstrates the hard work and effort by both pupils and staff in improving the education provision here at Gateacre.  The report acknowledges the improved outcomes to pupils in terms of the Progress 8 measure for Year 11 pupils and we have been formally recognised as being ‘Good’ for our 16-19 provision.  There is of course still a lot to be done; continuing to ensure improvements are maintained so that all of our current pupils continue to experience a rich and diverse education which will lead them onto fantastic futures and it would not be a Newsflash without the mention of attendance…we (school and you) have got to make sure attendance improves significantly.

Attached to this final Newsflash of the year are the reminders of the very clear uniform expectations that all the pupils have now come to accept as standard.  After the introduction of the new routines and expectations on 12th September 2017, I am pleased to confirm that there is nearly a 100% adherence to the Redline expectations, as it should be. 

Our many visitors to the school continue to comment on the impressive politeness of our pupils, their smart dress and generous smiles.  Again, another positive step in the right direction as we are a community as well as a school and are concerned with ensuring that your child makes as much progress in all aspects of their character. 

Over the past year, we have been focusing a lot on learning in classrooms and what we have been referring to as ‘Great Learning Habits’. These are the things that we often take for granted within lessons but our aim is to ensure that the very best learning takes place every lesson, every day.  Great Learning Habits ties into our Behaviour Policy which we have introduced to staff and pupils way back in January last academic year (goodness how time flies!).  For January 2018, please do ensure that your child is ready to learn on that first day back; uniform is perfect especially footwear, equipment is ready (black pen, red pen, pencil, ruler and planner).

It continues to be a pleasure to lead your child’s school and I sincerely hope that the Christmas break treats you and your family well. 

I did write in a recent Newsflash about high value gifts, if you have not read that then a simple reminder is that we strongly advise that expensive or valuable items are not brought into school, if they are lost, damaged or stolen we are not in a position to find, repair or replace them - as I think you would expect: 'my property is my responsibility'. Please read our Valuables & Personal Property Policy available in the Policies section of the website.

We very recently used our MyED app to communicate the outcomes of Year 11 pupils' mock exam results.  I asked for feedback on this process for you as parents/carers and I would very much like to thank those people who took time to give us their verdict, it was incredibly useful.  As the year progresses we will continue to fine tune how we use the app to give you the information you need and require.

Finally, please note I will continue to remind you and keep you informed of what we are doing so that none of what takes place in school should be a surprise.  So please continue to check the usual places: website, Facebook/Twitter, MyED app.

Have a pleasant Christmas and New Year.


Mr Roberts



Forthcoming Dates for Your Diary:

8th January 2018 - Start of Spring Term

8th February 2018 - Y11 Parents Evening

12th - 16th February 2018 - Half Term

22nd February 2018 - Y8 Parents Evening 3:45 - 6pm

22nd February 2018 - Y9 Options Information for Parents 6:30pm


8th March 2018 - Y9 Parents Evening 3:45 - 6pm

22nd March 2018 - Y7 Parents Evening 3:45 - 6pm

26th March - 8th April 2018 - END OF TERM (EASTER/SPRING BREAK)


Term Dates and Key Dates can be found on your MyEd parent app or on the school website here: https://www.gateacre.org/about-us/term-dates/

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