Headteacher's Newsflash 16/03/2018

Our Choice Of Words

The way that we use our language with young people can have a huge impact on them.  We can build up their self-esteem, improve their confidence and make them believe they can achieve anything they want.  Equally, our comments as teachers, parents and carers can have the reverse effect.

Listening to discussions over the various parent’s evenings we have had so far this term has been fascinating which is why I want to briefly highlight how powerful you can be, as supportive partners in helping us continue to improve our school.

I sometimes hear “I couldn’t do maths”, or “writing stories were hard when I was at school”, or “I never really liked PE” all of which becomes internalised by children who can then adopt a less than enthusiastic approach to learning.

Schools are totally different today than when I was at school in the early 90’s.  Teacher delivery and classroom instruction has changed so dramatically than when I first qualified and it will continue to improve, as it should.

Attendance Matters

This past week there was quite a mixed picture across the school as we continue to drive up our expectations and reinforce that every single day matters.

Year group

Mon 12th

Tue 13th

Wed 14th

Thu 15th

Fri 16th































We will continue to keep you well informed regarding attendance as it is a key factor related to your child being successful in school.

We are also reviewing the way that we reward both pupils and families for having great attendance which I will reveal in next week’s end of term newsletter, in preparation for having a great Summer Term, and we are looking at doing something very special for next Autumn Term.

The vast majority of children aged between 11 and 16 elsewhere in the country, have an average attendance of 95%.  That means they attend school when it is their birthday, they do not take days off to go shopping for clothes and they come in even when they’re not feeling that great.


Parking Illegally Outside School

We would like to remind parents not to stop on the double yellow lines outside school along Hedgefield Road at any time. This is illegal and causes a hazard to children, pedestrians and other road users. Once again, we must warn of the dangers of parking in this way which caused a serious car crash this morning. Parking on double yellow lines is not only illegal but dangerous. Police patrols will issue on the spot fines.


Knowsley Safari Workshops / Primary School Liaison 

Safari workshop

As part of British Science Week, we were delighted to have Knowsley Safari Park deliver some very interesting workshops to our Year 7s and Year 8s. We also invited primary school students from Belle Vale Primary and Norman Pannell to enjoy the fun, learning about wild animal identification and animal enclosures. 




National Charity NWG Network asks all to unite against child sexual exploitation for their National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Raising Day – 18th March 2018. Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual abuse that involves the manipulation and/or coercion of young people under the age of 18 into sexual activity.

The National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Raising Day aims to highlight the issues surrounding child sexual exploitation; encouraging everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse and adopt a zero tolerance to adults developing inappropriate relationships with children.

Visit  http://www.stop-cse.org/helpful-resources/ or our E-Safety page http://www.gateacre.org/school-life/esafety-advice-for-parents/ for help, guidance and information for parents including how to deal with issues like 'sexting', the dangers of snapchat, CSE exploitation and online safety.


60th Anniversary

To celebrate Gateacre School's 60th Anniversary there will be a Diamond Disco re-union event at St Paschal Baylon Social club Liverpool.  Tickets on sale now £15 from school reception. More about this can be found on our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/533428683710157/


Dates for Your Diary:

22nd March 2018 - Y7 Parents Evening 3:45 - 6pm

23rd March 2018 - Y9 Amsterdam Trip

26th March - 8th April 2018 - EASTER/SPRING BREAK

9th April 2018 - Summer Term begins

14th May - Exams Commence

Term Dates and Key Dates can be found on your MyEd parent app or on the school website here: https://www.gateacre.org/about-us/term-dates/


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