Year 7 go to Uni!

Recently 35 Year 7 pupils attended the University of Liverpool to participate in a Science Workshop and other activities throughout the day, including a campus tour and an overview of opportunities when studying at university. The visit gave pupils the opportunity to work with undergraduate students from the university and complete experiments linked to the issue of our changing oceans!

The activities arranged for the day aimed to encourage pupils to gain a better understanding of what university life is like and to give them the opportunity the experience life on campus. Feedback from students included: “I thought university would be really expensive but actually it’s not”.

“It was awesome”.

“It is a lot more than studying and exams”.

“Loved it!”

When pupils were asked what parts of the trip they did not enjoy as much, pupils responded “nothing, it was brilliant” and “nothing, I loved it”. A huge thank you to Mr Chapman and Ms Langton for ensuring the day ran smoothly!


IMG 0924

IMG 0938