2020/21 News

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Rainforest Roadshow - posted 2nd Jul

Students at Gateacre School had the opportunity to experience a Rainforest Roadshow over 2 days to launch the opening of their new Biodome.  Lyndsay Hunter from Animals Take Over brought a variety of insects, mammals and reptiles for students to meet. Species included, Wilfred the Royal Python, Fredo the Tree Frog, Sid the Flat Rock Scorpion, Sid the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, Milly the Giant African Millipede and the star of the show, Joey the Sugar Glider. Alastair Smith, Head of Geography said “The Rainforest Roadshow is a joint venture between Geography and Science; two subjects that are intrinsically intertwined in their curriculum, where students learn about global biomes, animal adaptation and threats facing tropical rainforests. The roadshow helps reinforce the learning that has taken place over the last few months in class”.

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Cracking the code with Bletchley Park - posted 29th Jun

At the end of the summer term pupils took part in a Maths enrichment project.  In Year 8 this project is centred around the topic of code breaking, linking in to both History and ICT. We were extremely lucky this year to be able to arrange a virtual outreach visit with Bletchley Park, famous for its use as a code breaking centre during WW2 and the use of Alan Turing’s enigma machine. 

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Breakfast at Home - posted 10th Jun

The National School Breakfast Programme has launched its breakfast at home area on the Family Action website, where you will find lots of information and advice on providing a low cost, nutritious, daily breakfast at home.

  • 1 in 5 parents with primary aged children find breakfast the trickiest time of day
  • 60% of parents struggle to find time to eat breakfast as a family
  • Parents are unsure what makes up a healthy breakfast
  • Children who eat breakfast generally have a higher intake & store of vitamins & minerals
  • Children who eat breakfast showed higher well-being scores
  • A positive link has been shown between GCSE performance & eating breakfast
  • 81% of teachers report that hungry children are unable to concentrate
  • Up to 30% of school children miss out on breakfast

 Breakfast at home - Family Action (family-action.org.uk)

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He's back! - posted 12th Apr

After an absence of nearly 13 years, we are thrilled to have welcomed back 'Tudorlambanana' to our school.

The Superlambanana was our contribution to Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year in 2008 and became part of the Go Superlambanana trail.

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