Newsflash 15/03/2019

Attendance Matters

A yo-yo week in terms of attendance for some year groups, whilst others are continuing to perform consistently well.  Special recognition to Years 7 and 10 for a slow start to the week but as a collective are either at or above nationally recognised levels of good attendance.

Year 8 and 9 have struggled somewhat to maintain the gains made in previous weeks, however coughs, colds and the dreaded sniffles have affected some children this week.

Whilst Year 11 looks disappointing it is always important to look behind a figure and find out what is happening.  Unfortunately this year group in particular going right back to year 7 have always had children who are persistently absent which affects the overall picture, we have seen more pupils attending more often than in Year 10 but again the impact of those pupils and parents who seem not to care as much about schooling affects the overall figure.

To those Year 11’s who turn up every day, thank you.  To those Year 11’s who are still struggling to get to school never forget we are here to help and support you as much as we can.

We want all of our pupils to exceed their abilities for that to happen it starts with attending school.


Big Bang Competition UK Finals - National Champions Junior Science 2019

UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition

NEC girls with products

The national finals of The Big Bang Competition UK Young Scientists & Engineers 2019  followed on from the regional event we reported on last summer, where our girls won Stem Club Of The Year.   Year 10 girls: Ellen Ramage-Jones, Emily Cook, Freya Barnes and Hollie Gilchrist had their own exhibition stand and showcased their project to VIP judges and thousands of visitors over the two day event. The girls' project ‘Naturally Infused’ ran away with the competition held at the NEC Birmingham this week.

The standard of competition was incredibly high but the girls, ably supported by Ms Kane, designed and executed a superb marketing strategy to show off exactly what they had been working on and how their natural soaps and skincare range with exotic oils, herbs and plant extracts not only have a low environmental impact but have proven medicinal properties too.

NEC exhibition standNEC exhibition stand 2


Visit from star of TVs ‘The Apprentice’

Today Year 11 were treated to a very special guest, Adam Corbally, who gave up some time from his busy schedule to talk to our Year 11 pupils about dreams, aspirations, life in general and how hard work, determination and a bit of grit gets you to where you want to go.

Adam and our Headteacher Mr Roberts were friends at school and, after Mr Roberts struggled to find work after his University course finished, it was Adam that gave Mr Roberts his first ‘proper’ job selling fruit and veg on a market stall.  Highlights were 3am starts in all weathers, setting up a steel stall in driving snow and pitching ‘come on ladies, lets feed those babies’ to the patrons of the local outdoor market.

Jason The Apprentice


Year 11 exam countdown: GCSEpod

 GCSEpod Parents Guide 002


open GCSEpod parents guide as pdf



Next week's word of the week (WOW) is:

Week 18 hypothesis


Dates for Your Diary:

  •  28th March: Y8 Parent Evening 3:45pm - 6pm

  • 4th April: Y7 Parent Evening 3:45pm - 6pm

  • 5th April: End of Term (Easter holidays 8th to 23rd April)

  • 23rd April Start of Summer Term



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