Newsflash 19/10/2018

Halloween/Bonfire Night Advice

Halloween and bonfire night Mersey police

Merseyside Police are working to promote firework safety and reduce incidents of anti social behaviour over the Autumn period. Parents are encouraged to please read the letter from Merseyside Police in the link below and share this advice with your children over the half term break.  Together, we want them to be safe, to be considerate of others, know the dangers and not play silly tricks. 

Parents & Guardians – Know where your kids are:

If your children are going out (particularly on 30th and 31st October), make sure you know where they are going. If possible, drop them off and pick them up from their activity.

  • Don’t let your children hang around the streets with nowhere to go.
  •  Ensure your child’s safety by either accompanying them or arranging between friends for one of you to take a group of children out.
  •  If you are not accompanying your child, agree with them before they go out what time they should be home.
  •  Don’t buy fireworks or eggs and flour for young people – it could contribute to anti-social behavior in your own community
  •  Do not allow your child to take anything they could use as missiles out of the house.

Parents please read this important Autumn Safety Briefing from Merseyside Police and share with your children Banger-Autumn-School-Briefing-2018.pdf


Year 11 And Year 13 Countdown

You have 24 school weeks left as of Monday 29th October.

Over the half term break please have a look through your work from the previous year and see what you can remember, and where you are possibly still unsure. The process of revisiting your notes will help your brain reconnect the neural pathways and increase the strength of the memory process, meaning that whilst you may struggle to remember or retain the information right now, in a month or two months’ time by repeating this process you will have retained far more knowledge than not doing this.

Simply put, hard work and effort matter. Remember we are always here to give you help, guidance and advice.  We are in this together.

Exam success is not about luck.  Those Year 11s and Year 13s who got better grades than they were expecting did so because they worked really hard.  They wanted to do well. There is nothing wrong with being successful.

  • A Level and Applied students: Have you read over and organised your notes from the start of September?  What did you learn, can you remember it?
  • Year 13 have you started working through your UCAS application?  If not go and see Ms Thomas in the 6th Form Study room.  We are very much looking forward to seeing where you want to go to University! 
  • Y11 Another reminder about GCSE Pod, it is such a fantastic resource and it is yours for FREE.  The more you use it, and the more you interact with it, the more confident you will feel in the summer sitting your exams.  We have some early indication that those students who watched/downloaded/listened to the most ‘Pods’ performed better in their exams when compared to their expected targets.  GCSE students try looking at the following things; GCSE Bitesize revision on the BBC website, Corbett Maths  Are you using GCSE Pod? If you are not using it yet you should be because lots of your friends are.
  • Y11 Mock Exams  commence Monday 12th November.  Click here for the timetable Y11 MOCK EXAMS TIMETABLE NOVEMBER 2018

Y11 Information Evening Presentation for parents including links to resources and revision tools such as GCSEPod 

Y11 After School Revision Sessions Schedule   


Young Citizens

mock trials

Our Year 9 students took part in Young Citizens Mock Trials recently.  We were delighted that they were invited back to take part in Magistrates Court and The Bar Mock Trial Competitions next year following such positive feedback and praise from the organisers.

"We were all really impressed with how well your students engaged with the case and took on the roles in the mock trial so it would be fantastic if your school could consider taking part in the Magistrates Court Mock Trial Competition or the Bar Mock Trial Competition next year. The students were a credit to your school and I do hope they found the workshop interesting and beneficial"


Standards And Expectations

Uniform And Equipment


Since the 12th September 2016 and the instalment of the ‘Ready to Learn’ line, aka Red Line, we continue to expect that all pupils arrive each day ready to learn and in the correct uniform. We provide guidance for parents on our uniform standards and expectations as well as a guide on what is and isn't allowed. (click here for the link to the uniform booklet guide and click here for the uniform page on our website).

Please do familiarise yourself with the links above to our uniform guidance on our website which are also available on our social media platforms. 

As a school and a place of learning, it is important that your child has their equipment; black pen, red pen, pencil, ruler and planner ready each morning.  Should your child lose or misplace any items they need not worry as we also sell equipment at the door.  Basically, in the politest possible way…no excuses!


Standards And Expectations - Attendance

Good attendance is crucial to being successful in school: those that attend school the most perform the best. We have an aspiration that all pupils will attend over 97%, we very much want every pupil in every day for 190 days.  That is where we need your support as parents and carers discussing with your child how important attending school is and equally how important trying to achieve your personal best is also.

We have seen this with exam results last year, the students who performed exceptionally well - which helped place the school in the top 10% nationally for the second year running – those that did the best had the best attendance, turned up every day and worked hard.

We ask parents for your continued support to ensure that the improvements in attendance of these first 6 weeks of term continues on this positive trajectory after half term.  


Knife Crime Prevention

We would like to share with parents an important letter from the Mayor of Liverpool and the Director of Children's Services asking for your continued support in tackling issues young people face around knife crime.  Please take a moment to open the link and read the letter: Communication-from-Mayor-Director-Childrens-Services-26-Sep-2018.pdf


Online Safety - Fortnite alert update

As part of the #WakeUpWednesday campaign, National Online Safety has teamed up with MusicAlternative to launch a Fortnite Battle Royale online safety song video for schools to share with the whole school community to encourage parents and carers to "stay switched on" to online dangers when their children are playing Fortnite.

YouTube link:

Download link:



Mr Roberts, Headteacher


Dates for Your Diary:


Half Term: 22nd to 26th October

Y11 Mock Exams commence 12th November

Y11 Mock Results: Friday 30th November

INSET Day: 3rd December

Y11 Parent Evening: 6th December

End Of Term: 21st December



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