Newsflash 23/11/2018

Winners: Educate Awards 2018 Leadership Team Of The Year  

Educate Awards Winner 2018

We are pleased to announce that Gateacre School won the prestigious award of Leadership Team Of The Year at the Educate Awards 2018.  From inspiring teachers and superb support staff to innovative projects across the curriculum, the awards recognise the work of schools and colleges which are delivering outstanding education and helping students achieve their full potential. We were delighted to be finalists for four awards which is testimony to the hard work of staff and students and the support of parents.

  • Leadership Team of the Year Award 2018 - Winner

  • Most Inspirational Secondary School Award 2018 - Runner Up

  • SEND Provision Award 2018 - Finalist

  • Most Inspirational 16-18 Education Provider 2018 - Finalist

Attendance Matters

Attendance across Years 7-11 has been quite mixed and today (Friday 23rd November) has been quite a challenge.  We (pupils, parents and staff) have had some fantastic days and weeks, but we really do need the children to be in school as much as they possibly can be. Remember, we are asking for just 190 days out of 365.  There are 175 days left for everything else.

Green highlighted squares are above national average, amber are cause for concern and anything red is alarming.

Good attendance is anything above 97% and that is what we are striving for but we need your help with that.

It is really quite frustrating to look at Year 11 attendance because this year is so important, I cannot stress this enough.  If your child is not in, they are not learning.


Year 11

Next Friday is the Year 11 Mock results day and shortly after 3pm your child will be given an envelope, just as they will on GCSE results day in August 2019, which will tell them how well they have done.   Results will then be released to parents via text at approximately 3:30pm Friday.

There will be lots of mixed emotions but the important message to take from these results is that this is very much a practice, there are still 20 school weeks left in order to make improvements and get outcomes that your child will be rightly proud of.


We have been reminding students about the importance of trying hard during the upcoming Assessment Point 1 (AP1) week and we have reminded all parents by text of the need for 100% attendance and revision prior to the assessments.  These assessments are not only important but prepare students by allowing them to begin to feel the formality of GCSE and A Level external exams.  We appreciate parents support in ensuring students attend school every day, attend revision sessions, plan and prepare revision and do their very best.

Revision Tips for all year groups

Pupils across all year groups will be taking part in their Assessment Point 1 tests which begin on Tuesday 4th December.  These assessments will give them and their teachers an indication of progress being made over this half term.  It is vital that all pupils are present so that their hard work can be recognised.

Last week we provided some generic tips but these tips are equally transferable to pupils in other year groups taking part in:

  • Revise in manageable chunks. Very few people can concentrate for 3 hours in one go but, equally, just doing 10 minutes here and there will mean you don’t get much done at all.
  • Revise the topics you are not good at and you don’t like first. It is human nature to want to do things we like and are good at and we can all be tempted to put off those we find difficult. You will need to spend more time on these difficult topics, so start on them earlier and revisit them regularly; don’t leave them to the night before! This will also give you more time to ask for help if you need it.
  • Plan for ‘revision breaks’ every so often, get up and move around! Move away from the area you are revising in to give your brain a change of scenery… but don’t let your breaks turn into longer sessions than your revision!
  • Share your revision timetable with someone so that they can help you keep on track with it. Have it up on your wall or somewhere it is easy to see.
  • Spread out your revision rather than ‘cramming’. It is easier said than done but, by being organised, you can spend less time revising and will remember more.
  • Rest and sleep: sleeping helps to consolidate our memories. We need sleep! Don’t stay up all night revising before an exam as it can be counterproductive. Set a realistic bedtime and try to stick to that. Do something that isn’t revising just before you go to bed.
  • Factor in time for your hobbies, seeing friends and family and getting outside!

This week, as well as repeating the tips, we have added a draft revision/preparation timetable that can be adapted for both GCSE and A Level/Vocational.  The sessions are structured so that between each topic there is a 15 minute break, the more effort put in now the easier the summer will be. Example:

 To download this timetable template for your child's own use and adaptation click here: Draft-revision-preparation-timetable.xlsx


Standards & Expectations

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should not be seen or heard in school. We will remove them from pupils as per our behaviour policy if pupils are seen using their phones in the building.  They are, unfortunately, a huge distraction and therefore teaching and learning has to be the priority.

False Nails

 False nails and painted nails are NOT permitted, as per uniform policy, and will need to be removed.

Parents, as a refresher, please take a moment to look at Gateacre School Uniform Expectations and what is allowed/ not allowed which clearly refers.


Are your details up to date?

Unless you let us know you have moved, changed phones or have a new email address we will only have the original information you supplied for us.

We also have spare SIMS forms at Reception for you to keep us up to date with any changes.

So if something has changed; name, address, mobile or land line number, email address let us know as soon as you can so we can keep our records up to date.


Closing The Gaps In Vocabulary

We would like to share with parents a new literacy focus we have introduced across school, 'Word Of The Week'. Each week, students and staff are encouraged to use the word of the week in their daily vocabulary and throughout their work.  We thought it would be fun to share the challenge with parents to join in and encourage your child at home.  Last week's word was provenance, meaning the origin or source, the beginning of something's existence.  See below for this week's word, Ambiguous.

Word of the Week ambiguous 002


Kindness, Goodwill, Thanks


Parents and community have been extremely generous over the last few weeks, giving of their time and donating items to many good causes in school as well as for the charities we support. We would like to say a big thank you to all!

Jon Hayes- Drove to London to collect over 300 children’s books and board games for the BIG Little Library kindly donated by Rosie Millard OBE, Head of Children in Need. The books are to be shared between Liverpool schools, as well as our own library, with thanks to the Liverpool Learning Partnership. The board games have been given to our SEN Dept for the board game club.

MerseyAid have kindly donated bags of baby food sachets, which we are now distributing to local mum and baby groups with the help of local residents.

Kind parents have been incredibly generous donating so many items to the collection for homeless charity ‘The Basement’ organized by Drama Department. Year 8 students were asked to bring an item in to donate; thick blankets, sanitary products, food, and essentials. One kind family have since also donated many children’s books to our BIG Little Library, new hangers for our uniform swap shop and a dressmakers dummy for our costume design students within Drama. 

Thanks also to Mrs Harrison and her son who collected food from their neighbours and brought it in after school for Head Of Year 9, Miss Walker to add to our collection.

The Knit and Natter Group in the Big Little Library have been knitting and crocheting away and have created hats, scarves, gloves and blankets for our World Challenge collection for Swaziland, as well as having donated over 50 pairs of knitting needles and a bin bag full of wool. 


Forthcoming Events & Christmas Celebrations

Xmas Carol Concert 2018 poster

Xmas Comedy showcase poster 2018


Dates for Your Diary:


27th November: KS5 Information Day for Y11 students

30th November: Y11 Mock Results released to parents 3:15pm

INSET Day: 3rd December

6th December: Y11 Parent Evening

21st December: End Of Term



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