Newsletter 04/11/2019

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to a new and fresh half term.  As the next 7 weeks unfold in this busy time of year,  I hope that our students remember in the dark winter mornings and evenings to dress appropriately in winter clothing and that they are visible to motorists and other road users.

This half term is witness to an increase in school activities from mock examinations for Year 11 students, Parents’ Evenings for both Key Stage 5 and Year 11 students, visits to Crosby Beach, Drama Showcase and the Christmas Carol Concert - a busy half term indeed! Please can parents ensure that those important dates and more are in your diary.

We begin this half term with a re-emphasis of the Gateacre Way: a focus on the basic expectations, encapsulated with the PH2 abbreviation (Politeness, Honesty, Hard Work) with the addition of the 3 Ls (Litter, Left, Lateness).  These are all part of the Gateacre Way and form an intrinsic part of our culture and expectations.  This does not mean, however, that we do not continue to focus on attendance and punctuality.  During this week I am meeting with parents and carers of students who are persistently later to school, across all year groups. Punctuality is a skill leant in school, necessary for life; a fact that we in school both encourage and endorse.  Please continue encouraging your child to attend school regularly and punctually.

Attend today: achieve tomorrow. 


Y11 Mock Exams

For parents and carers of Year 11 students, please ensure that they are preparing appropriately for their forthcoming mock examinations, starting on Monday 11th November.  If you are unsure as to what is appropriate then please contact the school so that you may speak with their subject teacher.  

Y11 you all have your GCSEPod login details so please use it

GCSEPod is an online revision app, delivering subject Knowledge in short 3-5 minute videos to help students learn and revise.  There is a strong correlation between GCSEPod usage and improved results. It is free to use, it is fantastic and if you are not using it yet Y11 you should be because lots of your friends are.

Finally, please encourage regular sleep and breaks between ‘chunks’ of revision, supported by a revision timetable.


Halloween/Bonfire Night Advice

Merseyside Police are working to promote firework safety and reduce incidents of anti social behaviour over the Autumn period. Parents are encouraged to please read the letter from Merseyside Police in the link below and share this advice with your children over the half term break.  Together, we want them to be safe, to be considerate of others, know the dangers and not play silly tricks. 

Parents & Guardians – Know where your kids are:

If your children are going out Tuesday 5th November, make sure you know where they are going. If possible, drop them off and pick them up from their activity.

  • · Don’t let your children hang around the streets with nowhere to go.
  • · Ensure your child’s safety by either accompanying them or arranging between friends for one of you to take a group of children out.
  • · If you are not accompanying your child, agree with them before they go out what time they should be home.
  • · Don’t buy fireworks or eggs and flour for young people – it could contribute to anti-social behaviour in your own community
  • · Do not allow your child to take anything they could use as missiles out of the house.

Parents please read this important Autumn Safety Briefing from Merseyside Police and share with your children.

Standards & Expectations

 Are You Ready To Learn

We expect that all pupils arrive each day fully equipped ready to learn and in the correct uniform. We provide guidance for parents on our uniform standards and expectations as well as a guide on what is and isn't allowed. (click here).

Please do familiarise yourself with the links above to our uniform guidance on our website which are also available on our social media platforms. 

As a school and a place of learning, it is important that your child has their equipment; black pen, red pen, pencil, ruler and student planner ready each morning to show us before they cross the Redline.  Should your child lose or misplace any item they must buy replacement items which we sell at the door. 

Basically, in the politest possible way…no excuses!

Year 7s meet Most Haunted star author, Yvette Fielding

Yvette FieldingYvette Fielding students

Our Year 7 students received a literary treat today and had the pleasure of having Yvette Fielding with us for the day to read from her brand new book 'Archie the Ghost Hunter'.

An avid reader herself, Yvette was inspired to write Archie following a dream of a little boy and a fat dog, plus constant requests from fans of the hit television series 'Most Haunted' to make something for children. 


Key Dates For Your Diary:

11th - 22nd November: Y11 Mock Exams

28th November: KS5 Parent Evening 3:30pm-6pm

2nd Dec: INSET

5th Dec: Y11 Parent Eve 3:30pm -6pm

17th Dec: Carol Concert 7pm

20th Dec: End of Term