Job roles:

Jonathan Graham – Professional performer

Stephanie Kennedy - Award winning actress, singer and song writer. Currently working with Mark McGann on the feature film "Perplexed Music"

Nicole Morris – Professional performer and director. Artistic Director for Paperwork Theatre

Josh Simpson – Professional performer

Steven Williamson – Holiday resort entertainer/ DJ/ Performs professionally in local productions

Sophie Fraser – Professional performer

Sarah Walker – Secondary school teacher of Drama

Anna Foster – Secondary school teacher

Georgina Watkins – Teacher

Georgia Bowers - Graduate of Hope St Theatre Company and now runs her own after school drama clubs and works at Lee Valley Theatre

Thomas Sweeney – Adlib Audio Sound Technician


University degrees:

Jack Dodd – Law

Brandon Sillifant – Law

Catrina Kenward – Technical theatre

Ben Quigley Buckley - Acting

Courtney Hall - Drama

William Sweeney – Comedy writing and performance

Karman Ho – Police Studies

Rebecca McDonough – Police Studies

Daniel Ryan – Sociology

Sarah Walker – Drama and English

Jack Mulhaney – English Lit/Film Studies

Lauryn Jones- Media Studies

Abigail Andrews – Drama and English