Sixth Form

A message from our Head Boy and Head Girl

On behalf of the student body it’s our honour for us to welcome you to Gateacre’s Sixth Form and we hope that we will exceed your expectations.

Being in sixth form can be challenging, but the dedication from the staff that work with the sixth form will help you to meet your targets within your A-Level subjects. Sixth formers have a study room that only they can use, the aim for this is to give you your own study area that provides both privacy and silence to help boost concentration. Within this you are allowed tea and coffee. Other perks of being in sixth form include being able to go outside of school for your lunch which is a bonus, as well as having your own space in the atrium. You are treated like responsible young adults and given the freedom of non-contact periods that you are trusted to use wisely.
Here at Gateacre we understand the importance of choosing the right secondary school, the stresses of studying in a safe environment where not only will you be happy but achieve the best grades possible that will essentially pave the way for your future. A school by definition is an institution for educating children however this does not do justice to what a school like Gateacre gives you because Gateacre does not stop at education, it is a home. Where teachers act like parents, having your best interest at heart doing everything in their power to ensure you make outstanding progress, but also interact with you on a personal level ensuring safe wellbeing. Coming here is entering the biggest support system you will ever have, teachers and students alike.

If you already go to the school and you choose to go to this sixth form then you will be at an advantage because you already know the teachers and how the school runs so you can get straight into your courses, joining another sixth form or college would mean you would have to adjust to a new environment which could distract you from your courses.
Individuality is the greatest asset you can possess, we have a great student community where all individuals are accepted regardless of their different backgrounds and the different departments we have here reflect that. Involving yourself in school life is the best thing you can do, sixth form is tough and it does involve a lot of hard work however having different interests allows you to flourish through school life a lot easier.