Labour Market Information

What is Labour Market Information?

Labour Market Information focuses on giving you information about the local area you live in

  • Wage rates
  • Job availability
  • Skills gaps
  • Unemployment rates
  • Reports from professional bodies
  • Economic summaries from the local area

Labour Market Information ensures that young people are equipped with the information needed to make well informed realistic decisions.

Labour Market Information for the local area

Liverpool-Growth-Sectors-summary.pdf LMI-Summary-Liverpool-City-Region-Final-.pdf

Labour market summary report from the Liverpool LEP

Useful Links

National Careers Service site - This website offers advice and guidance to young people. Young people and their parents/ carers can caht online to an adviser and /or find out about 800 job profiles.

Labour market summary report from the Liverpool LEP  This report will provide useful information on major employers and sectors and developing trends.

LMI for All is an online data portal that offers  sources of high quality, reliable LMI. The Careerometer Widget below allows users to select different careers and find out about average wages, number of hours worked and potential growth.


Nomis is your one-stop shop for labour market information. The summary pages provide key trend data about a local area.

I Could provides 1,000 different video clips of LMI and personal career stories to help students explore different career routes and pathways.

Get In Go Far is the government portal for information about apprenticeships, with a linked website to find live apprenticeship vacancies.

Amazing Apprenticeships provides ideas from Apprenticeship Champions on how to promote apprenticeships. The site also provides free talks and guidance to schools via the Apprenticeship Support Knowledge service (ASK).