PiXL Edge

Employers and Universities have said they look for 5 core attributes in standout students: Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.

The PiXL Edge is a framework for schools to develop and accredit in students those personal attributes essential for employability and life. The Edge website is a way of pupils logging their achievements in and out of school under each of the five headings above.

Students will qualify at three levels: •Level 1: PiXL Apprentice •Level 2: PiXL Graduate •Level 3: PiXL Master

At each level there are a variety of approved activities that students can undertake for each of the key attributes, the number of activities that need to be completed varies depending on the level. The activities are rated as level Apprentice, Graduate or Masters according to their duration, the size of the team involved and the number of people exposed to the activity.

Pupil login details will be provided by their Form Tutor – this login is unique to them and can be linked to their Google account. Once a week, pupils will be working on their progress and updating their activities. They will also be able to access and edit their account via a mobile PiXL Edge app later in the year.

To login to your PiXL Edge account please click here.


Key Staff

Assistant Headteacher Personal Development (Careers Leader) – Mrs J. Boyd –

Careers Adviser – Carol Byrne (Career Connect) -

Assistant Headteacher Sixth Form -  Mrs J. Kinder -



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