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Gateacre  School welcomes employers and post 16 providers  to enhance our careers programme . If you would like to work with us to review our careers programme, deliver assemblies, offer work experience or host employer visits we would love to hear from you

Gateacre Future Focus Fair

Gateacre School’s annual Future Focus Fair plays a significant part in our aim to provide students with an effective careers education programme. This contributes to the process of preparing our students for their chosen career path.

The aims of the Future Focus Fair are:

* to raise students’ awareness of the range of learning opportunities that are available to them, including academic and vocational routes * to provide access to people working directly in a variety of areas who are able to offer information, advice and guidance * to provide access to higher and further educational providers who can offer information, advice and guidance to students regarding their future

* to raise students awareness of apprenticeships and different pathways to their chosen career

* to help students make informed decisions about their future by encouraging them to seek out information regarding courses and career paths of interest to them

* to help students begin to prepare for a chosen career path as early as possible and begin to build up relevant skills and experience

* to provide students with the opportunity to have meaningful encounters with a variety of

Each year, we aim to extend the range of those attending the Careers Fair, in February 2019 we had over 80 delegates present at the careers fair and work related workshops on the day .

If you or your business would like to support our the Future Focus Fair or be involved in our careers programme through any of  the following activities throughout the year please get in touch

Transition  information and support sessions

Careers sessions

Employability Sessions

Meet the Employer Workshop

Work Experience


Work Place Visits

Employer talks





For further information please contact

Mrs Joanne Boyd

Assistant Headteacher and Careers Leader

Please contact  Joanne Boyd  by email  j.boyd@gateacre.org


Provider Access

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